Monday, June 15, 2009

Singapore Public Warning System (PWS)

As part of Singapore’s continuous readiness practice, they conduct twice or quarterly emergency drills on various infrastructures including an island wide alarm.

And today SCDF has just sounded the Public Warning System to commemorate Total Defense Day. They advised the public not to be alarmed and tune in to local radio stations for an SCDF announcement.

The Public Warning System (PWS) is a network of sirens that the SCDF has placed at strategic points throughout the island. The purpose of this system is to warn the public of imminent threats that could endanger lives and property.

The Public Warning System will be used to warn of attacks from the air, land or sea, as well as natural and other man-made disasters. The table below shows what the various signals mean. It would be a good idea to memorize them.

Situation and What It Means

  • "Alarm" Signal
  • wailing_blastThis is sounded when an air raid or shelling is imminent.
    People are advised to move to a shelter immediately.

  • "All Clear" Signal
  • continuous_blastThis is sounded when the threat is over.
    You can leave the shelter.

  • "Important Message" Signal
  • pulsating_blastThis is sounded to alert the population to an important broadcast on the radio.
    Tune in immediately to any local FM radio station.


pws NOTE:
To hear the audio recording of the various Public Warning Signals, click "How it Sounds" in table above. To find out more about the system, you may call the SCDF Hotline at 1800-286-5555.



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