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Karylle excited to work in Singapore for “The Kitchen Musical”

White House Executive Chef, Cristeta " Cr...

The Pinoy cast members of the first Pan-Asian TV series 'The Kitchen Musical' are Thou Reyes, Karylle, Christian Bautista and Ikey Canoy, flanked by TGE CEO Nelia Molato-Sutrisno and Studio 23 programming head Vince Rodriguez

Apart from being one of its lead actors, Karylle is excited to work in Singapore for “The Kitchen Musical” because their work hours are manageable.

“I’m very excited to work there because 12 working hours lang po [kami per day]. And na-experience ko na 'yung 24 hours ang norm and 40 hours ang worst,” Karylle told Bulletin Entertainment and other members of the press during the press launch for “The Kitchen Musical” held on May 30 at Ace Water Spa.

“Tamang oras 'yung trabaho, 7 [AM] to 7 [PM]. There’s so much time for other things, to explore, to write, to run,” she noted.

Asked if the 12-hour work day is in writing, Karylle said yes. “Di ba ang galing? Pwede pala,” she added.

With that, Karylle expressed hope that this “will somehow wake up the industry here na, you know, just to lessen the working hours a bit.”

“Because, you know, if you complain even the slightest bit here on your 24th hour, you’re a diva. But as we all know, 24 hours is no joke. So sana lang naman din na we learn from first-world countries, you know, we can get there also,” she said.

Asked about a rumor circulating on Facebook that she had a fever and just came from a 30-hour long shoot when she went to audition for “The Kitchen Musical,” Karylle confirmed so. “I was coughing a bit and I had to take some medicines but okay naman.”

She added: “I can’t remember about how [long the shoot was]… I think we were taping for ‘Magkano Ang Iyong Dangal’ but I don’t know how long the taping was. Siguro merong 24 hours ‘yon.”

Aside from Karylle, three more Filipinos – namely Christian Bautista, Thou Reyes and Ikey Canoy – are joining the Asian cast of the series by Singaporean director and creator, CheeK.  Set to leave for Singapore this week, the four will join the rest of the Asian cast and “will be subjected to actual food preparation training [so] you can be sure that all the things that they will be doing on the screen will be pretty realistic,” said Nelia Molato-Sutrisno, CEO of Singapore’s The Group Entertainment.

"We will be identifying the other nationalities who will be joining in the cast as we confirm them," Nelia added.

Karylle will be playing the role of Maddie, a young sous chef at The Avilon. Christian will be Daniel, another sous chef at the restaurant and Maddie’s best friend and “secret rival.” Meanwhile, Ikey will be assuming the role of the “eccentric” and “often misunderstood” pastry chef named Winston; on the other hand, Thou, who was originally cast as a dishwasher, got an “upgrade” and will now be playing the role of one of the chefs.

Other Pinoys who will join “The Kitchen Musical” are New York-based actor Arthur Acuna as The Avilon’s general manager, and conductor Gerard Salonga who will be the TV show’s musical director.

In selecting the cast members, Nelia explained that they embarked on a regional casting where they “looked for talents all over Asia for the pilot.”

“And we brought the pilot around not only in Asia but also outside, [to] Europe and the States.

“From that pilot, we got comments and from those comments we finalized the cast for the actual shoot, which will happen starting this month,” she said, adding that they’ve been developing this project for almost a year now.

For Karylle, working for four straight months in Singapore without going home is “better” because “you [remain] in character, there’s no distraction, everything is efficient.”

“[It’s] very professional so for me, of course I’d like to go home, and hopefully we will be able to, but if not, 'yung talaga kasi 'yung pinaka-professional way of doing things,” she added.

Christian, on the other hand, said he’s already set to return at least once to Manila, for a day, to attend the premiere of his upcoming Indonesian film, “A Special Symphony,” where he plays the role of a music teacher working in a special school.

Both “ASAP” mainstays shared that they had to either give up or move certain commitments just to make way for “The Kitchen Musical,” including Karylle’s stage play “Light at the Piazza,” which is now rescheduled for next year.

“We’re devoted to this, we believe in this project and there are sacrifices pero that’s what we have to do,” Christian said.

All four artists agreed that they’d grab other possible opportunities abroad that may come their way, but in the meantime, they see working in “The Kitchen Musical” as a chance to open doors for other Filipino talents.

“What we can assure you, kaming apat, we are gonna put the Philippines there. We’re gonna make them see that we are professionals, we are good and easy to work with.

“We will do everything we can para ‘pag napanood na ‘to ng iba’t-ibang bansa, [they’ll say] ‘Who are these four? Where are they from?’ They’re from the Philippines. We wanna bring the Philippines… to the rest of the world. That’s our promise to you,” Christian said.

Asked what the audience will love about “The Kitchen Musical,” Ikey said, “It’s so much more than ‘Glee’ na yes may singing, may dancing, may acting but the big part of what the show really is is about cooking, is about cuisine, is about food.”

“We’ll show them also kung ano 'yung treatment nila, how to present food and how to get people interested not only in life and food, but in cooking, in baking, and making what you see in the show. Kasi lahat ng mga dishes na pinapakita namin every episode, we will be showing you how to make them,” he added, with Karylle describing the series as “a fusion of music and also a cooking show.”

On the music that will be featured on the show, Nelia said they have opted to get popular songs familiar both locally and internationally -- no Pinoy and original songs, though -- due to the wide scope of market they are targeting.

“We got the clearance already, na-clear na namin ang music rights with the international labels. So all the songs that you will be encountering in the series are all familiar. We will be doing a lot of rearrangements and you will see the songs, the normal songs that you know, in a very different light. Specially the way these talented artists are actually going to perform them,” she shared.

Nelia also added that, like “Glee,” they also have plans of having these songs recorded by “The Kitchen Musical” cast available for download.

“The digital part of 'The Kitchen Musical' is now being put together. Part of the strategy is how we can actually bring the songs to the mass[es] as soon as possible. There will be [downloading component]. There will be an online [and] mobile component,” said she.

“The Kitchen Musical” is slated to premiere in October 2011 in 19 countries across Asia and Europe, with the first two episodes to air locally initially via ABS-CBN’s "Sunday’s Best." The subsequent episodes will be aired tentatively every Saturday on Studio 23 in its primetime block.

In all, there will be 13 one hour-long episodes for the first season and, according to Studio 23’s program head Vince Rodriguez, the second season of "The Kitchen Musical" is already "in the works."


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Philippine Bayanihan Society: Gifts of Love Charity Gala 2011

It was said by a famous American writer and philosopher, “Love grows by giving!” Community Chest is delighted to work with the Philippine Bayanihan Society of Singapore (PBSS) to organise “Gifts of Love Charity Gala 2011”.

Funds will be raised through outright donations, table sales and a charity auction held during the dinner. All proceeds will help bring greater hope and dignity to the lives of the 300,000 people served by Community Chest, and also help the PBSS fulfill its mission of providing Filipino workers in Singapore the opportunity to upgrade their skills through a myriad of training programmes.

In line with the theme for this year’s charity gala dinner, Gifts of Love, His Excellency, the President of Singapore, Mr S R Nathan has specially created and donated a Chinese calligraphy piece in aid of our fund-raising. He gave his rendition of the traditional Chinese character for Love, “?”.  The embedded character “?”, which means heart, conveys the message of loving with your heart. The calligraphy will be presented to one of our donors during the dinner.

Items provided by donors up for the charity auction include an idyllic resort get-away, paintings by renowned artist, Chen KeZhan and exquisite wines.

Filipino artistes, Mr Ogie Alcasid and Mr R J Rosales, led by Music Director Mr Iskandar Ismail will also present exciting performances.

Kitchen De Manila, a pinoy food stall in Simei Kopitiam

I got this from a friend who own the place. You can follow their update in

Facebook Page: kitchen de manila
Twitter name: kitchendemanila

Where to get puto bumbong, bibingka, sisig, caldereta and other Pinoy food and delicacy that taste authentic but not available in Singapore?

Happy to let you know Kitchen de Manila is launching on 18 June 2011 and bringing the bibingka, puto bumbong, yummy caldereta, mechado, embutido and other Pinoy delicacy from the Philippines...


It is located at Simei Kopitiam (near Simei MRT), Stall No 5

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Philippine Football Club (Singapore) - Open Invitation for Membership

Philippine Football Club (Singapore) invites you to come and play soccer! Whether you're a first timer, a casual / "social" player or a veteran varsity or national team player, we've got the right game for you!

Philippine Football Club Singapore

Interested parties can just drop by any of our practice sessions, or you can also just get in touch with membership committee head Bogs Sayson @98273007 or email at pfc.singapore@gmail.com.

Housing Development Board advise on Steps Involved in Renting a HDB flat

Top view of Bukit Batok, Singapore.

HDB flats sold under the Home Ownership Scheme are meant for owner-occupation by the flat owners and their families. However flat owners may sublet their whole flat or spare bedrooms if they meet the eligibility conditions.

Singapore citizens, Singapore permanent residents and non-citizens may rent a flat or bedroom from existing HDB flat owners under the Subletting of Flat / Room Scheme.

HDB's Approval Needed To Rent Out the Whole Flat

An HDB owner can rent out his whole flat only after he has obtained a written approval from HDB. Hence, you may request the flat owner to show you a copy of the approval letter to rent out their flat, as obtained from HDB. In addition, to protect your interest, you are advised to include a condition in the subletting contract, specifying that the validity of the contract is subject to the flat owner obtaining HDB's approval for subletting.

Proof of Ownership of the Flat

You are advised to visit the flat you would be renting and to ensure that the person you are dealing with is the rightful owner of the flat. You can do so by requesting for documentary proof of flat ownership which includes the Agreement for Lease, Service & Conservancy charges booklet, Annual or Loan instalment payment booklet/Annual Loan statements, bearing the name of the flat owner.

Rent Payment and Deposit

The market practice is for rent to be paid monthly in advance on the day of tenancy commencement and thereafter on the same day of each subsequent month. The deposit amount is usually equal to one month's rent for a one-year tenancy and two months' rent for a two-year tenancy. It is payable upon signing of the tenancy agreement together with the first month's advance rent. You are advised not to pay more than one month's rent. As proof of payment, you should pay the rental deposit and rents by cheque. You are also advised to move into the flat immediately after collecting the keys.

Disputes Between Subtenants and Flat Owners

Matters relating to subletting tenancy such as amount of rental, payment/forfeiture of deposits, right to terminate tenancy, periods of subletting, etc. are private matters between owners and their subtenants. HDB will not mediate if there is a dispute between owners and their subtenants on these matters. Hence, flat owners and subtenants are advised to read and understand all the terms and conditions in the tenancy agreement carefully before signing it.

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President Aquino Declares June 30 Special Non-Working Holiday, Embassy will be closed

President Benigno Aquino issued Proclamation No. 154 last 26 April 2011, announcing that Monday, 20 June 2011 will be designated a special non-working holiday in the Philippines, in order to allow Filipinos to more fully participate in activities and events commemorating the 150th birth anniversary of Philippine national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.

The proclamation was made in line with recommendations submitted by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP), which recommended that June 20 be designated a non-working holiday instead of June 19, which falls on a Sunday.

In compliance with the proclamation and in commemoration of the 150th birth anniversary of Dr. Rizal, the Philippine Embassy in Singapore will be closed to the public on Monday, 20 June 2011.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Department Of Justice Issues Advisory on Illegal Drug Couriers

The Philippines Department of Justice (”DOJ”) issued an Advisory Opinion explaining to the public the issues surrounding the recruitment, arrest, detention and conviction of Filipinos caught transporting illegal drugs abroad.


As with its previous Advisory Opinion regarding the basic rights of citizens in military/police checkpoints, Advisory Opinion No. 2 is in line with the thrust of the DOJ to take a pro-active stance in criminal justice concerns, including the issue on Filipino illegal drug couriers or “drug mules”.

The DOJ’s Advisory is addressed both to Filipinos who willingly accept offers to become illegal drug couriers and to those who were involuntarily caught in the criminal activities of syndicates through various modus operandi.  In either case, the Advisory lays down basic rules that all Filipinos should bear in mind once they are apprehended abroad on suspicion of transporting illegal drugs.

Below are the ten (10) advisory points issued by the DOJ, couched in simple and straightforward language for easy comprehension by the general public:

  1. “Carry at your own risk”
  2. Knowledge is immaterial and intent is not a requirement in drug trafficking.
  3. Be vigilant of the modus operandi of drug courier syndicates.
  4. In the unfortunate event of arrest or detention for drug trafficking, have presence of mind and do not resist arrest.
  5. Assert your legal rights, inquire on the legal remedies and request for consular assistance.
  6. Presumption of innocence will always apply.
  7. The laws of the country of arrest apply.
  8. If sentenced, the government can only be of limited assistance.
  9. “Blood money” cannot be paid to erase the liability of a person convicted of a crime involving illegal drugs.
  10. Take full responsibility of your actions.

The DOJ’s Advisory Opinion No. 2 was issued at a time when more and more Filipinos are being arrested and convicted in various countries allegedly for being drug couriers.  It seeks to wan Filipinos of the legal consequences of being involved, voluntarily or involuntarily, in the criminal activities of illegal drug syndicates.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Special Privilege for Filipino Organizations from HighReach Training Centre

HIGHREACH EDUCATIONAL/TRAINING CENTRE is  happy to announce this special privilege for  members of Filipino Organizations or employees of Filipino-owned companies.

A 30% discount will be given to your organization/company for your  group of 6 participants in any of the following training programs:

Two-day Programs

Public Speaking
Business Writing

Whole-day Programs

Grammar Review
English Conversation Fluency
Customer Service Workshop
Values Formation

3-4 Hour Lectures

Telephone Courtesy
Image Enhancement

Frontliners' Workshop

A 10% discount  will be given to you upon enrolling your children in any of the following programs:

June Holiday Programs which will run from 30 May - 18 June:

TERM 1       30 May - 10 June ( TWO WEEKS DAILY )

8:30 am - 10:00 am    Speech Improvement & Confidence Building 1 (Ages 7 - 9 years old)

My Art! Class ( Pre-schollers)

10:30 am - 12nn        Speech Improvement & Confidence Building 2 (Ages 10-12 years old)

My Art! Class ( Ages 7 - 12 years )

1:30 pm - 3:00 pm     Public Speaking & Leadership Training (High School & College)

TERM 2         13 - 18 June ( ONE WEEK DAILY )

9:30 am - 12nn         Public Speaking & Leadership Training (High School & College)


HIGHREACH EDUCATIONAL/TRAINING CENTRE is located at 21 Tan Quee Lan St # 02-06 Heritage Place Singapore 188108.

You can call or sms them at 9436 8341  or

E-mail    highreach@gmail.com / obelia.cutiongco@yahoo.com.sg

Filipino Dragons (Singapore): "Isang Bangkang Malaya” Fun Race

Filipino Dragons (Singapore) is inviting Filcom organizations and groups to participate in its Philippine Independence Day fun race, "Isang Bangkang Malaya",  to be held on June 18 at the Kallang Riverside Park

The registration is still open for teams/individuals who want to partake in the upcoming event:

“Isang Bangkang Malaya”: FDS & FilCom Fun Race for 113 Years of Independence

Newbie Training Sessions | Fun Race | Competitive Dragonboat Race | Post-Race Party

VENUE : Kallang Riverside Park
DATE & TIME: 18 June 2011, at 9.00am

  1. Registration - 9.00 am - 9.30.00 am
  2. Dragon Boat Newbie Training Sessions (Tutorial on Paddling) - 9.30 am - 10.30 am
  3. Fun Race  (FilCom Members) - 10.45 am - 11.15 am
  4. Competitive Race (Filipino Dragon Members) - 11.15 am – 11:45 am
  5. Awarding Ceremony & Program - 11.45 pm - 12.00 nn
  6. Ambassador’s Address & Post- Race Party - 12.00nn onwards

To register your interest to participate on this fun event, please RSVP to: mickeefds@gmail.com or call +65 93372280.

*Kindly indicate the number of persons joining from your organization as we need this data for the event logistics to be finalized. Thanks for your cooperation.

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Singapore: Philippine Independence Day Celebration 2011 - Oratorical Contest

If you're a Filipino, between 10-18 year old, currently living in Singapore, and good at Public speaking, this is you chance to showcase you’re speaking talent.

In public speaking, as in any form of communication, there are five basic elements, often expressed as "who is saying what to whom using what medium with what effects?" The purpose of public speaking can range from simply transmitting information, to motivating people to act, to simply telling a story. Good orators should be able to change the emotions of their listeners, not just inform them.


Philippine Oratorical Contest

Theme:  Filipinos – Free and Responsible New Heroes
Contest Rules:

  1. An elimination round to select the top 5 contestants is scheduled on May 28, 2011 from 2 pm to 6 pm. Venue is at High Reach Center, 21 Tan Quee Lan Street #02-06 Heritage Place opposite Bugis Junction off North Bridge Road.
  2. Participants may select a declamation or oratorical piece of their choice either in English or Filipino. The choice piece of the contestant for the elimination round need not necessarily reflect the theme of the PIDC 2011 celebrations but must not exceed 5 minutes of delivery time.
  3. To register for the elimination round on May 28, 2011, please register by sending an email to pidcsoratoricalcontest@gmail.com with the following details on or before May 27, 2011 –
    IC Number:
    Contact Number:
    Preferred Email Address:
    Title of Piece to be delivered:
    Language (English or Filipino):
  4. Filipinos by citizenship, ethnicity, affinity or interest (e.g. a Singaporean who has a heart for Filipinos) may join.  The contest is limited to those belonging to the 10 – 18 years age group.
  5. Criteria for judging –  Originality & Creativity                            20% 
                                 Confidence, Stage Presence, & Style        30% 
                                 Voice Projection                                    25% 
                                 Speech Clarity                                      25%
  6. The selected 5 finalists will be allowed to choose their preferred contest piece from a selection of pieces provided by the committee, which will include both English and Filipino declamation and oratorical pieces. They will perform their pieces during the PIDC Grand Fiesta 2011, Philippine Independence Day Celebrations at the Hong Lim Park on June 12.
  7. All contestants are encouraged to be in a Filipiniana Attire and are requested to be at Hong Lim Park  near the stage area on June 12 by 10:00 am (time). Bring spare daily wear clothes.
  8. Decision of the board of judges is final.
  9. Awarding of the following prizes will be held on the same day at the same venue: 
       Best OratorTrophy + Round Trip Ticket to the Philippines 
                           Featured Winner in the PIDC Singapore Website
                           HOLIDAY PROGRAMME VOUCHER - 
                           FREE COURSE worth $500 from HighReach Educational Centre
            1st Runner Up : Trophy, Holiday Program Voucher –
                                   50% off on HighReach HOLIDAY PROGRAMMES
            2nd Runner Up : Trophy, Holiday  Program Voucher - 
                                   30% on HighReach HOLIDAY PROGRAMMES 
  10. There will be only one set of winners for both of English and Filipino declamation entries .

The Pinoy Pride Fair 2011 @ The Rock Auditorium, Suntec City Mall

TAG Event Concepts would like to ask for your support for our upcoming event:

What: The Pinoy Pride Fair 2011

Where: The Rock Auditorium, Suntec City Mall

When: June 4, 2011

A Concert, Comedy and Trade Show Celebrating Filipino Excellence in Singapore

June 4 – Saturday | The Rock Auditorium, Suntec City Mall

The 2 ½-hour concert and comedy show is ticketed, and will feature Aiza Seguerra with her acoustic band, TrueFaith and Tim Tayag (the Philippines’ pioneer of wit-based comedy). While the 5-hour trade fair is free admission, and will showcase Filipino-friendly products and services.

Part of the proceeds of this event will go to The Exempli Gratia Foundation, for the education of underprivileged Filipino children.

Come and see our very own Filipino artists, and let us all have a great day together!

TAG PPF 2011 Poster

For ticket details, contact the following:

  • Lani Angeles or Lani at +65 8361 8311 for more info.
  • SmartSaver Travel Office located at Lucky Plaza unit #02-25/26. 67364575 or 67364530look for Rose.
  • OFW Pinoy Star / AFreight Office located at Lucky Plaza unit #03-19. Telephone # 8281 5700 look for Merci

Esplanade Theaters By The Bay Presents Mr. Ryan Cayabyab in Concert

In a country known for its musical talent and international singers, only one name stands out as outstanding and special – Mr. Ryan Cayabyab. Affectionately called “Mr C” by Filipinos all around the world, Ryan is well-loved, respected and admired. Prolific in his musical works, Cayabyab’s career has been marked by rare musical milestones.

Cayabyab is the only Asian Winner of the 21st Onassis International Cultural Competitions, apart from the various awards he garnered from the Voice of Asia Song Festival, the Tokyo Music Festival, and the New York Film and Television Awards.

In the Philippines, Cayabyab has won 10 Best Movie Score awards from the film industry, 21 awards from the recording industry including a Lifetime Achievement Award. His television show “Ryan Ryan Musikahan” has won a total of 14 awards for Best Television Show, and Best Show Host.

Cayabyab has performed in distinctive venues worldwide – Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center, Washington Convention Center, the Orpheum in Vancouver Canada and at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. He has performed as Music Director to command performances for King Hasan II of Morocco, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia of Spain, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, Queen Beatrix at the Noordeinde Palace in the Netherlands, and former US President Bill Clinton in Boston, Massachusetts.

Performing Cayabyab’s compositions and arrangements is a multi-talented young vibrant group of singers called RCS (Ryan Cayabyab Singers). Recording Artistes with Sony BMG, RCS has performed with Maestro Cayabyab and enthralled audiences in a 12 city tour of the US, and in Singapore, Jakarta, Melbourne and Sydney. Their inimitable vocals with their intricate blended harmonies combined with scintillating sleek choreography and brilliant versatile showmanship have brought appreciative audiences to their feet in a standing ovation. Listen to familiar Filipino favorites “Kay Ganda Ng Ating Musika”, classic hits from the “Bacharach Medley”, “Tribute to Michael Jackson”, and ‘70s nostalgic revivals given fresh excitement with “The Motown Medley”.

Spend an evening with the Filipino Maestro. Get a glimpse of the passion and musical genius that has made Ryan Cayabyab truly the Filipino Music icon.

24 Jun 2011
Fri, 7:30PM

Approx 120mins

Esplanade Concert Hall

Standard - S$88, S$68, S$48, S$28
VIP Box - S$88

Book Now!

Add to above price $3 Booking Fee per ticket for tickets above $20 and $1 Booking Fee per ticket for tickets $20 and below. Charges include GST where applicable.

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An Invitation to Filipino Bowlers Club Singapore - Ambassador’s Cup 2011

The Philippine Embassy Singapore cordially invites you and/or your organization to participate in the Ambassador's Cup Intra-Community Bowling Tournament 2011 organized by the Filipino Bowlers Club (Singapore) in cooperation with the Philippine Embassy on 29 May 2011, Sunday, 10 AM, at Mt Faber Superbowl, SAFRA Telok Blangah, 2 Telok Blangah Way.



For more information on the tournament, kindly get in touch with the following FBCS officers:
Mars Fernandez - Hp 91443019  Email: mvirus@yahoo.com
Vhon Montefrio - Hp 92327319 Email: vhon_montefrio@yahoo.com
Danny Casio – Hp 97585730 Email: dlcasio@yahoo.com

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Filipino Independence Day Council Singapore Grand Fiesta 2011: Slogan Puzzle Contest

The Pilipino Independence Day Council Singapore (PIDCS) in cooperation with the Philippine Embassy is inviting everyone to the Grand Fiesta 2011, a day-long celebration of  the 113th anniversary of proclamation of Philippine Independence, at the Hong Lim Park on 12 June 2011, Sunday, from 8:00AM to 6:00PM.

As part of the celebration, PIDCS is holding a "Slogan Puzzle Contest", wherein the winner will receive round trip tickets to the Philippines.

Additional information and contest mechanics are listed below:

PIDCS 2011 Slogan Puzzle Contest

Monday, May 16, 2011

StarHub Clamps Down Hard On Illegal Set-Top boxes, Destroyed 300

Sat-Receiver_Palcom_DSL-350, Gehäuse geöffnet

StarHub destroyed over 300 illegal set-top boxes at a site in Kranji this morning. The boxes were seized by Singapore Customs and they were handed over to StarHub for mass destruction.

Illegal set-top boxes, otherwise known as unauthorised decoders, illegally decode StarHub TV's encrypted broadcast transmissions and the importation, possession, sale and use of the boxes contravene Singapore’s Copyright and Broadcasting laws.

StarHub has made known publicly that it will not hesitate to take appropriate action to curb the sale of illegal set-top boxes in Singapore.

Said Ms Andrea Tay, StarHub’s Assistant Vice-President of Pay TV Services, “StarHub respects and upholds intellectual property rights of content owners and will take all necessary steps to protect our rights, and the rights of our content providers. Only authorised set-top boxes provided by StarHub should be used to access our content.”

Ms Tay added, “We would advise the public to abide by the law and respect intellectual property rights. Members of the public who purchase these unauthorised decoders may experience service quality issues, and are exposing themselves to legal liabilities.”

"Video piracy in all its forms undercuts the legitimate interests of content producers, distributors and consumers alike," said Mr Simon Twiston Davies, CEO of regional trade organisation, CASBAA.

"Media savvy economies such as Singapore are especially vulnerable to the activities of the pay TV thieves when they destroy the value of TV and movie productions, undercutting the hard-earned returns on investment by the creative communities. Pay TV theft really does affect everyone. The seizure of these pirate boxes by Singapore Customs is praiseworthy, and we hope that other governments can increase their vigilance with respect to trade in piracy hardware and software."

In last year alone, StarHub took two separate illegal set-top box infringement cases to court and secured convictions for both. Other than taking legal action against such wrongdoers, StarHub has also employed technological means to render such unauthorised decoders useless.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Philippines now out of US watch list on human trafficking

This is a route map for Ninoy Aquino Internati...

Philippine Bureau of Immigration (BI) Commissioner Ricardo David Jr. welcomed a recently released US State Department report that the Philippines has made significant progress in combating human trafficking even as he pledged the BI’s continued vigilance in stopping human trafficking victims from leaving or entering the country.

David said the improvement of the Philippines’ standing in the human trafficking scorecard based on the Trafficking in Persons Interim Assessments is a clear and encouraging sign that the BI’s relentless drive against trafficking has paid off, despite criticisms that the bureau has been overzealous in doing its job.

David commended BI personnel at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) for doing a very good job during the past several months in stopping the departure of thousands of undocumented overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who were victimized by illegal recruitment and human trafficking syndicates. He also acknowledged the accomplishments of his predecessor, former BI officer-in-charge Ronaldo Ledesma, for instituting the measures and policies that enabled the bureau to offload the biggest number of trafficking victims in the agency’s history.

Statistics showed that from August to December alone, immigration officers at the NAIA and other airports stopped more than 27,000 passengers, most of them OFWs disguised as tourists, from leaving.

The combined efforts of all member agencies of the Inter-Agency Council Against  Trafficking (IACAT) resulted in the conviction of 21 human traffickers by the courts from July 2010 to March this year.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) said it expects the Philippines’ record to improve when the State Department releases this June its next report on human trafficking.

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said the 21 convictions during the past nine months were a far cry from the 25 convictions in the past 7 years.

During the assessment period, 9 sex traffickers were convicted, with prison sentences ranging from 6 years to life imprisonment. One immigration official was slapped with criminal charges while 19 immigration personnel are facing administrative raps for trafficking-related activities.

According to the Blas F. Ople Policy Center, the Philippines has made ‘significant progress’ in its anti-human trafficking campaign since the release of the State Department’s 2010 report.

Last June, the DOJ ordered prosecutors to make trafficking cases a priority while the Supreme Court later issued a circular instructing courts to expedite the disposition of trafficking cases.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ministry of Health: Result of Patient Satisfaction Survey

The new 15-story Tan Tock Seng Hospital was ma...

Public hospitals, polyclinics and national specialty centres continued to score favorably with the public with a strong showing in overall satisfaction level. Nearly 8 out of 10 patients (76%) gave them the thumbs up, and as many (79%) said they would recommend the services of public healthcare institutions to others.

The polyclinics also improved on their previous performance in 2009. Overall satisfaction with the National Healthcare Group Polyclinics (NHGP) edged up 7%-points to 80% and for the SingHealth polyclinics (SHP), by 6%-points to 75%.  Recommendation level for NHGP was at its all time high at 80% and for SHP at 72%.

The Patient Satisfaction Survey 2010 results were confirmed by an independent survey company commissioned by the Ministry of Health. Nearly 12,000 patients participated in the survey from September to December 2010. This is the seventh MOH Patient Satisfaction Survey conducted to assess the level of patient satisfaction, compare performance among the healthcare institutions, and to gather suggestions for continual service improvement. 

Patients were asked to rate their level of satisfaction with the institutions, and whether they would recommend the services to other patients. In particular, they were asked to assess their perceptions based on the following nine service quality attributes:

a. Facilities
b. Care coordination
c. Knowledge and skills of doctors
d. Care and concern shown by doctors
e. Knowledge and skills of nurses
f. Care and concern shown by nurses
g. Knowledge and skills of allied health professionals
h. Care and concern shown by allied health professionals
i. Clear explanation by staff on the procedures and care


Overall Satisfaction Level

In the 2010 survey, 76% of the patients rated their overall satisfaction rating as “excellent” or “good” (Chart 1).



Willingness To Recommend

Based on their experience, patients were asked if they would recommend the healthcare institutions to others. 79% of the patients said that they would “strongly recommend” or “likely to recommend” (Chart 2).



Among the hospitals; Khoo Teck Puat Hospital achieved the best results at 82%. This is followed by Tan Tock Seng Hospital which made the largest improvement of 8%-points to 78%. Alexandra Hospital’s performance of 77% was third (Table 1).



Satisfaction Level (%)










Very Poor











































Monday, May 9, 2011

Philippine Embassy Announces Resumption of Sunday Operations

The Philippine Embassy in Singapore will be resuming its Sunday-Thursday work schedule on Sunday, 8 May 2011.

The transacting public is advised that the Embassy will once again be open for passport, notarial, civil registry, and labor-related services from Sunday to Thursday, 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1.30 p.m. to 5 p.m. Visa applications will continue to be accepted from Monday to Thursday only, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

For more information on the Embassy’s operating hours, refer to the following schedule:

Embassy Services Schedule
Passport Application Sundays to Thursdays, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm & 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm, or when a quota of 150 applicants is reached (whichever is earlier)
Collection of Overdue Passports & Passports Coursed Through Agencies Mondays to Thursdays, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm only
Regular Passport Collection Mondays to Thursdays, 10:00 am - 12:30 pm & 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm only
Notarials (Application) Sundays to Thursdays, 9:00 am - 12:30 pm & 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm only
Notarials (Collection) Sundays to Thursdays, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm only
Authentication (Application) Sundays to Thursdays, 9:00 am - 12:30 pm only
Authentication (Collection) Sundays to Thursdays, 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm & only
Visa Application Mondays to Thursdays, 9:00 am – 12:00 noon only
Visa Collection Mondays to Thursdays, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm only
OEC / OWWA Membership Application Sundays to Thursdays, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm & 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm only
Contract Verification & Authentication (Individuals) Sundays to Thursdays, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm & 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm only
Contract Verification & Authentication (Agency) Mondays to Thursdays, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm & 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm only


The Embassy will be closed to public transactions on Fridays and Saturdays.

Filipinos in distress requiring urgent and immediate assistance are advised to text or call the Embassy’s emergency hotline, +65.9072.2797.

The Embassy may limit the entry of non-applicants, given its physical space constraints. Applicants are discouraged from bringing companions, especially young children and the elderly.

HDB Rental: Verification of Foreigner Immigration Status (VERIFI)

Illegal immigration and overstaying pose a serious problem in Singapore. The authorities have taken a number of measures to tackle the problem; however, as long as immigration offenders can get work or find a place to stay, the problem cannot be
effectively tackled.

Homeowners who wish to rent their premises out to foreigners must exercise due diligence in checking the status of their prospective foreign tenants to ensure that they are in Singapore legitimately. Persons or organizations who are in doubt, are also encouraged to check the foreigners' status before transacting with them.

Everyone has a role to play in ensuring the security and safety of Singapore. It concerns not only the safety and security of the
community, but also your personal safety.

Due Diligence Requirements

Before renting your room out to a foreigner, you need to screen the immigration status of your prospective tenant by conducting the following 3 specified checks:

  • Check his original immigration pass or/and work pass;
  • Cross-check particulars on these passes against particulars in his passport; and
  • Verify with the Controller of Immigration or the Controller of Work Permits, as the case may be, that the permit or pass is valid at the material time or Verify with the employer if prospective tenant is working in Singapore.

If you are in doubt about the status of a foreigner, you may:

  • Contact Immigration & Checkpoints Authority at Tel: 6391-6100 (immigration passes) during office hours or MOM (work passes) at Tel: 6438-5122 to verify the status of the foreigner. Alternatively, you can also call in person at Immigration & Checkpoints Authority or MOM during office hours to verify the authenticity of the immigration or work passes.

Consequences of Harboring Immigration Offenders

Under the Immigration Act, the homeowner is liable to be charged for harboring immigration offenders in his house if investigations reveal that he has not exercised due diligence as required by law. If the homeowner is found guilty of the offence, he shall be sentenced to an imprisonment of not less than 6 months and not more than 2 years and shall also be liable to a fine up to S$6,000.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

34 year old Engineer charged for damaging OpenNet's cables in Clementi

SC fibre optic patch lead

A 34-YEAR-OLD engineer was charged in court on Friday with mischief by damaging the fibre optic cables of a fibre splicing box.

Terrance Tan Khoon Shan allegedly damaged OpenNet's cable installation at Block 381 Clementi Avenue 5 on April 23.

OpenNet is the company appointed by the Government to lay the fibre optic network islandwide.

A police statement said that since the beginning of last month, more than 400 fibre optic cables for high-speed Internet transmission laid in more than 100 HDB blocks in various places were found to have been cut, causing several hours of disruption to the affected Internet users.

Tan, who was arrested at his home in Clementi on Wednesday, was remanded at Central police division lock-up.

He will be back in court on May 13.

If convicted, he faces a jail term of up to three years or a fine of up to $10,000 or to both.


How much does a fiber optic cable cost? Here’s a sample…….


Friday, May 6, 2011

Philippine Independence Day Celebration (PIDC) 2011, request for sponsors

This came from Philippine Embassy in Singapore…

In an earlier invitation and request for support, we have given the following datelines:

May 10, 2011 -  last day of submission of emailed or written commitment to Sponsor PIDC 2011

May 12, 2011 -  last day of submission of payment for the committed sponsorship as well as all materials and information needed for lay-outing the corresponding advertisement in the PIDC.

Special advertisement rate in the PIDC Souvenir Magazine (banner and 1/8 page feature) for FilCom Friends and members is:

S$ 100.00.

Participation and exposure during the June 12, 2011 Celebrations at Telok Ayer Hong Lim Green Park is available for the following:

S$ 200.00 - "non-selling" table

S$ 300.00 - "selling" table.

Payments may be made thru:

1. Raquel Rabang at PNB Lucky Plaza, 3rd Floor
2. Filipino Expatriate Wives Singapore

    DBS account no.: 029-901997-0

When making payments thru the Filipino Expatriate Wives Singapore, please send copies of your deposit slips or provide transaction details to facilitate accounting.
Again, please feel free to call any of us for further clarifications (Loida Corpus 9177 0133; Raquel Rabang 9776 1352; Nannette Villajos 9639 0478).

Many, many thanks for your continued support.


Philippine Independence Day Celebration Steering Committee

Median Subletting Rents by Town and Flat Type for 4th Quarter 2010

The statistics below provide the median rents of HDB flats in various locations with subletting approvals in the said quarter. The median rent indicates that half the units were above the value and half below.

Flat owners and prospective tenants may use the median rent as a guide to do their own research before entering into a rental agreement.

Median Subletting Rents by Town and Flat Type for 4th Quarter 2010



  1. (-) indicates no subletting transactions in the quarter.
  2. Figures marked with asterisks (“ * ”) refer to cases where there are less than 10 subletting transactions in the quarter for the particular town and flat type. As such, they may not be representative.
  3. The data above is based on rents self-declared in the subletting application forms. Nevertheless, it serves as a useful reference in sublet flat hunting and basis for rent negotiations.
  4. The median rent tells you that half of the units for that flat type in that town were rented above that price and half below.
  5. The figures are rounded to the nearest ten dollars.

Esprit styling workshop

Signup to Esprit's styling workshop and receive fashion tips from celebrity stylist Keing Png.

Date:    Saturday, 14 May 2011
Time: 2-3PM or 4-5PM
Location:    Esprit Liat Towers

To Register attendance, visit the following Esprit stores by 13 ay 2011.

  • Liat Towers
  • Wisma Atria (Isetan Level3)
  • 313@Somerset
  • Raffles City
  • Vivo City
  • Great World City
  • Parkway Parade
  • United Square

Registration fee of $20 per person, fully redeemable for a $20 Esprit voucher $ receive an attractive door gift.

Special for workshop attendees!
Enjoy 15% off 2 or more regular-priced items at Esprit Liat Towers on 14 May 2011.

Esprit styling workshop

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) required before selling HDB flat

A block of HDB flats in Queenstown

HDB flat owners can sell their flats in the open market to eligible buyers of their own choice at a mutually agreed resale price. The seller and buyer shall declare to HDB the true resale price of the flat. They shall not enter into any supplementary or other agreements or arrangements that may cause the true resale price as declared to be inflated or understated.

Important Note
Under the Housing & Development Act, the penalties for buyers and sellers who give false information to HDB is up to 6 months' imprisonment and/or a fine of up to $5,000.

Before selling your flat, you must ensure that you have met the eligibility criteria to do so, i.e. to have met the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP).

Minimum Occupation Period (MOP)

HDB flat owners must have physically occupied their flats for a period of time, referred to as Minimum Occupation Period (MOP), before they are eligible to sell it in the open market.

The period will depend on:

  • The purchase mode, and
  • The flat type

*If you have rented out your entire flat, the period of subletting will not be included in the computation of the MOP.

Flat type listed below and their required MOP*.

1-Room and HUDC Flat
- No occupation period for owners owning 1-room flat or HUDC flat.

Flats bought from HDB (direct-purchase flat), DBSS flat bought from developer and Resale Flat under CPF Housing Grant Scheme
- 5 years from effective date of purchase.

Flats bought under Selective En Bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS)

  • For SERS replacement flat purchased with portable SERS rehousing benefits
    - 5 years from the effective date of purchase of the replacement flat.
  • For SERS replacement flat not purchased with portable SERS rehousing benefits
    - 7 years from the date of selection of the replacement flat, provided they had taken possession of the replacement flat; or
    - 5 years from the effective date of purchase of the replacement flat.

The computation of the MOP excludes the period (if any) of non-occupation of the replacement flat, such as subletting of whole flat or any infringement of the flat lease.

Resale Flat bought in the open market (without CPF Housing Grant Scheme)

The minimum occupation period you need to meet depends on when we receive your resale application:

Resale Application Received Date
MOP applicable
Before 5 March 2010
(includes owners owning their resale flat as at this date)
  • 2½ years from effective date of resale if the owner takes a loan from HDB
  • 1 year from the effective date of resale if:
    i. the owner has not taken a loan from HDB; or
    ii. he has taken a loan from the bank/financial institution to finance the purchase
5 March 2010 - 29 August 2010
  • 3 years from effective date of resale, regardless of the type of loan taken by the owners or loan status
On or after 30 August 2010
  • 5 years from effective date of resale, regardless of the type of loan taken by the owners or loan status

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A take on Singapore “kiasu” culture according to Glenn Connley

Singapore Kiasu Culture

Glenn Connley has been a news junkie since he was 17, when he joined Australia's top-selling newspaper, Melbourne's Herald Sun, as a cadet reporter.

Working in Washington in 2003 he was first to tell Australians their nation was at war, following George W's "shock and awe" invasion of Baghdad ... and was one of the first reporters into Thailand after the devastating 2004 tsunami.

In 2006 he moved to Singapore to produce and present ESPN's flagship nightly news program, "SportsCenter". His first book, "How To Be Ferocious Like Fergie" will be released in early 2011.

It was an accident. I promise.

As I prepared to step from the train at Singapore’s biggest MRT station, the labyrinthine Dhoby Ghaut Interchange, the “Love Your Ride” jingle was still ringing in my ears.

It’s a brilliant campaign designed to educate Singapore’s commuters about how to best use the immaculate, efficient -- although usually freezing -- suburban transport system. It’s played on a loop in stations and onboard trains.

It’s impossible to avoid the charming ditty, which combines humorous Singlish with flawless English and Mandarin, cleverly reminding travelers about the importance of being courteous to fellow passengers.

“Hey you, over there, don’t cut queue, don’t you dare! Wait your turn to board the train. What’s the rush? There’s no rain.

“Before you go in, let them out. Before you sit, look about. Just got on? Move to the back. A happy journey starts like that.”

The "Love Your Ride" jingle... It's catchy but is it effective in promoting graciousness?

It’s a catchy campaign that cost a pretty penny to make.

What a waste of money.

In the real world, Singaporeans’ urge to win, to be first, to surpass others, is far too tempting to let something as trivial as a multi-million dollar national advertising campaign get in the way.

The phenomenon is known as kiasu, a Hokkien word which means, literally, “fear of losing.”

Evidence of kiasu is found across the country, nowhere more so than in the department stores during the Great Singapore Sale each July.

When I first saw the commotion over a heavily discounted table of goodies on display at Tangs on Orchard Road, I thought perhaps Angelina Jolie or U2 were making a guest appearance.

In fact, and this is no joke, it was shoppers fighting over cheap socks. Cheap socks! And a few pairs of sports shorts and T-shirts going for less than half price.

The snatching and screeching was a sight to behold; aunties with armfuls of items, many which would be discarded at the cashier, elbowing each other and squawking like chickens.

All to save a few lousy dollars.

Recently, I went to the new NEX shopping mall at Serangoon Central. Walking with a friend who was new to Singapore, we saw a bunch of squabbling men and women queued at the information counter.

“What’s going on?” asked my friend.

“Must be something free,” was my reaction. It was.

With the right coupon shoppers could collect an ugly red plastic logo of some description, worth maybe fifty cents.

Another good example is the much-loved Singaporean buffet. I have seen families filling containers with food to take home and eat later.

In a Lion City buffet, it’s every man for himself.

Say there are six prawns left on a plate and you’re second in line. Don’t for one minute expect anything to be left for you. The greedy person in front of you may pretend he doesn’t know you’re there but, trust me, you’ve just been kiasu-ed!

The pathological urge to be the first, regardless of the cost, has been examined by smarter minds than mine. A "National Courtesy Campaign" was launched in 1992 and, obviously, failed miserably.

The finger is often pointed at Singapore’s education system. In this tiny nation, with practically no natural resources, only academic success can ensure a prosperous future and children are under enormous pressure to beat their classmates to become number one.

There’s nothing wrong with striving for excellence. I know as well as anyone it’s a competitive world out there.

But in a country where public toilets offer step-by-step guides to wiping your backside and washing your hands, there seems to be little room for free thinking, common sense or common courtesy.

Which brings me back to my train ride.

As we pull into Dhoby Ghaut, a couple of hundred people are standing, neatly organized, behind those painted lines that mark where you wait for others to disembark.

But, as we slow, the passengers behind me start twitching to get ahead of the inevitable rush to be first off, practically pinning me to the door.

I can sense the chaos outside, as those who’d been patiently waiting leap over the guide markings in a desperate bid to be first on the train and claim a seat.

The doors open.

Propelled by someone’s umbrella pressing against my rear, I burst out. A child, maybe 12 years old, runs flush into my left elbow. His brother’s head hits my chest and goes down, the wind knocked out of him.

I am in no position to stop to see if either is all right.

Yes, I most certainly loved my ride -- there’s no better public transport system in the world -- but it ended with a couple of unnecessary bruises to kids whose parents should have taught them better.

The bruises will heal, but I can’t help but wonder as passengers rush in around them, have they learned a lesson? What about their parents?

Thankfully, Singapore is a peaceful place. Try this nonsense in Europe, America or Australia, you’ll get more than a brush across the noggin with an elbow… and it won’t be accidental.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

HDB/Flat Rental Scam–Police are appealing for information to assist with investigations into a series of flat rental scams

Police are looking for the man shown in the picture to assist with investigations into a series of flat rental scams reported at Blk 1 Lor Lew Lian #06-24.

From 31 Mar 2011 , at least 13 cases of flat rental scams have been reported at Blk 1 Lor Lew Lian #06-24. In all the cases, victims had responded to flat rental advertisements placed in the Chinese newspapers between 4 and 29 Mar 2011 . The suspect would arrange with victims to view the unit, and would collect money ($500 - $4800) from them as deposit for the rental of the unit. The victims were told to move into the unit between 3 and 7 Apr 2011. After collecting the money, the suspect would then become evasive and remain uncontactable.

Police believe that this man in the picture may be able to assist in investigations. His name is Chua Thiam Lye and the description of the man is as follows:

a) Gender : Male Chinese in his 40s
b) Height : About 1.7m tall
c) Hair : Short and black
d) Build : Plump
e) Other :

A mole below his lips

Anyone with information on this man is requested to call the Police Hotline at 1800-2550000. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

Crime Prevention Tips – Flat Rental Scam

Seek service from an established estate agent;
Conduct a check against the agent and the company before signing any agreement;
Observe due diligence and carry out verifications of any documents relating to the property;
Visit the flat you wish to rent and ensure that the person you are dealing with is the rightful flat owner. Request documentary proof of flat ownership that bears the flat owner’s name.

Request the flat owner to show you a copy of the approval letter from HDB if you are renting the whole flat

Be careful if asked for an advance payment and do not pay large sums in cash. As proof of payment, you should pay the rental deposit and rents by cheque; and
Do a check with the company to ensure that the estate agent is indeed with the company. If in doubt, request to sign the documents and hand over the deposit at the office.

Monday, May 2, 2011

An invitation to play Bingo with FRIENDS

Map of Catanduanes showing the location of Virac

Bring your family and friends on May 14  2011 at 3:00 pm at 7107 Flavours!

Tickets are at  $35.00 which will include merienda and one BINGO card. You may have more BINGO cards at $5.00 apiece. Prizes galore and Lucky Draw!

Be our partners in this fundraising event by FRIENDS in collaboration with 7,107 Flavours to support more needy and deserving scholars in the Philippines.

What is FRIENDS?

Filipinos Reach-Out Initiatives to Educate Needy Deserving Students or FRIENDS is a non-profit organization which is the realization of our Pledge of Love, as envisioned by the late Sr. Mary Laetitiae. This Filipino group in Singapore aims to uplift the dignity of fellow Filipinos by providing needy and deserving students in the Philippines a decent education and the opportunity to realize their dreams and sustain themselves and families. FRIENDS have supported some scholars, and have helped with school needs of two elementary schools in Virac, Catanduanes.



Manny Gumapon - +65 93880956
Marieta Foo - +65 96750166