Friday, July 17, 2009

Jailed for four months for bribing traffic offense

This is a constant reminder to always follow the law in Singapore:

This man accepted a bribe in return for taking the rap for a traffic offence was jailed for four months on Wednesday.


Tan Poh Heng, 29, now unemployed, pleaded guilty to corruptly receiving $1,200 from housing agent Huang Yongjie, 27, to assume criminal liability for the latter's speeding offence along Upper Thomson Road in December 2007.

Assistant Public Prosecutor Christine Liu said Mr Huang was caught speeding by a speed camera along Upper Thomson Road on Dec 4 that year.

He did not know that he had been caught speeding and was overseas when a traffic offence notice was sent to him around mid-December.

He then decided to look for someone to 'take the rap'' as he did not want to have a further six demerit points on top of his current balance of 12 demerit points.

Later that month, he approached his colleague, Ms Doreen Yap Xiao Ping, 24, and said he was willing to pay a 'market rate'' for someone to take the rap for his offence.

After being informed that the going rate was $200 per demerit point, Mr Huang said he was willing to pay $1,200, in addition to the fine of $150.

Ms Yap then recommended her boyfriend, Tan, to Mr Huang.

Mr Huang issued a cheque for $1,350 to Tan, who deposited $1,000 into his account and spent the rest.

Tan went to the Traffic Police department to pay the fine of $150 after claiming to be the driver.

He has surrendered the $1,200 to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau.

He could have been fined up to $100,000 and/or jailed for up to five years for corruption.

Mr Huang and Ms Yap have not been charged.

via StraitsTimes

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Use and Top-Up your ez-link card at McDonalds and Old Chang Kee

By the end of this months, retail outlets like McDonalds and Old Chang Kee, which accept ez-link cards for payment, will also become automatic top-up points.
EZ-Link, which makes the cards that are widely used for payment on the public transport system here, is consolidating its top-up service under a new name EZ-Reload.

Now, people with an auto top-up service linked to their cards will get their cards 'recharged' with cash when the value inside them hits zero, as they pass their cards over readers on buses and at train stations.

Besides retail points, EZ-Link will extend this to cars with the second generation of In-Vehicle Units (the cards are topped up on passing under Electronic Road Pricing gantries). The new IUs are able to read both CashCards, which are used now, as well as the new Cepas-compliant ez-link cards.

There is a 25-cent service charge for each top-up, though EZ-Link's executive director Nicholas Lee hopes to reduce the cost or do away with it in the future, he said at a launch today (Wed).

For now, top-ups are linked to credit cards, though a Giro bank version will be introduced towards the end of August.

The move is seen as a way of giving ez-link an edge in the transport space over its competitor Nets or Network for Electronic Transfers (Singapore).

Nets CashCards are unable to do such automatic top-ups at the moment, although it has plans to introduce a card that can do so this year.

Crime Advisory: Increased Bicycle Theft Around Hougang Area

IMAG0069According to Hougang Neighborhood Police Centre, there has been an increasing bicycle theft reported around Hougang Public Housing Estate. Most of the thefts occurred around common public areas such as void decks and corridors.

Here are some of the preventions measures as advised by the Police:

  • Keep your bicycle indoors when not in use. If not possible, secure it to a designated bicycle bay.
  • Use durable locks made of 100% steel. "U-Locks" provides better protection compared to a chain or cable lock.
  • Lock your bicycle at a well-lit place with high human traffic.

If you witness any crime or theft, report it by calling 999.


A Chance to win “Shinjuku Incident” movie passes, premiums and City Chain voucher

8 Days, a subsidiary of MediaCorp Publishing, has these great prizes to give away:


20 Movie goodie bags, each containing a $50 City Chain voucher, a pair of movie passes, and a notepad.

80 notepads. -.-

Try your luck with this question:

Q: Shinjuku Incident opens in theatres here on Apr 2. True/False?
A: True

and SMS to 73388 in the following format:

<8E> <Answer> <NRIC> <Name> <Sex> <Email>
e.g. 8E True 1234567Z Mandy Gibson F

Each SMS costs 20 cents.
Multiple entries are not allowed.
Winners of 8 Days promotions in the past 2 months are not eligible for this contest.

It’s Tax Season Time

Well ladies and gentleman, it's time to file your Income Tax Return before the deadline . You are required to send in your tax return if you have received an IRAS notice regardless of your income.

Big TaxI have just e-filed my B1 form today. I have been anticipating this since two weeks back when IRAS announced the availability of e-filing. Apparently, our company already transmitted the employees' remuneration details and deductions (e.g. CPF contributions and donations) to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore ("IRAS") electronically. However the data is still in pending queue and will not be viewable from IRAS.

If your is employer is participating in the Auto-Inclusion Scheme, you can still proceed with individual filing without seeing the income data.

According to IRAS "Employees who proceed to e-file (without seeing their employment income details) have to select "option 2" and to tick the box in Section A. "Tick the box if your employer is  participating in the Auto-Inclusion Scheme for Employment Income and details are not known in the Income, Deduction and Reliefs Statement".

How to find out if your company is in the Auto-Inclusion Scheme? That question has been anticipated and you can find it here - “List of Employers Filing Employment Income Electronically From the Year of Assessment 2009”.

IRAS is providing a free SMS service to allow you to check whether your tax filing has been received by IRAS. You can do this 2-3 days after your successful filing.

Simply key in “filetax<space>NRIC/FIN Number” and send your SMS to 9116 4900. They will respond to you by SMS.

[e.g. filetax S1234567A]

For those who are filing their ITR for the first, these information may be able to help you understand the process:

Maids freelancing as sex-for-hire during their free time

I stumbled upon this article from AsiaOne news regarding some maids suspicious activity during their free time like for example during morning after sending their employer's child to kindergarten school.

They are supposedly freelancing as sex-for-hire.

I have heard similar stories regarding "some" Filipina maids doing this kind of stuff during Sundays in Orchard.  This is not to incriminate and degrade our kababayan in the domestic service industry. In fact I am against some of them doing it and this sometime leads to corrupting the perception of other nationalities that all Filipinas are probably the same.

Disclaimer: I have not witnessed anything, I just heard it which might not be true so take it with a grain of salt.

Under the law, a maid is not allowed to perform other work outside the employer's home. Employers can also be penalized if they are aware of their maids' illegal activities and have 'a part in encouraging it', according to lawyer Satwant Singh.

As per the Women's Charter, an employer who takes a cut from a 'freelancing' maid, can be jailed up to five years and fined up to $10,000.

But how will employers know what their maids are up to when they are at work?

Read on the story from an investigative reporter on how his encounter with one maid and share your thoughts on this issue......
By Appointment Only

In Bukit Batok, a few maids have given 'extra' work a new meaning.

One of them, Rose (not her real name), an Indonesian, is allegedly selling sexual favours to middle-aged men in the neighborhood.

newsmaid1Rose and her friends charge between $40 and $60 for sex, and would also leave their contact  numbers for men in the estate.

This reporter called Rose for an appointment.

Rose was willing to meet, though I was not recommended by any of her previous clients.

Rose, 40, said in English: 'I don't go to hotels. I'm usually busy (with my other appointments). You must live nearby so that we can do it at your home.'

Then she added: 'Darling, do you have condoms?'

Rose stressed that our date would depend on whether her boss was working that day.

She has worked in Singapore for five years and revealed that her customers were usually older men.

One of her regulars, who paid her well and bought her gifts, had recently relocated overseas.

Rose added: 'If you like my services, you can call me any time. In the future, you don't have to pay me all the time. I just want to make you happy.'

When it was time to proceed to the flat upstairs, my handphone rang, as planned. newsmaid2

The call from a colleague was my excuse to call off our 'liaison'. I told Rose that a family member had called to say he was coming over.

Rose agreed to postpone the session and assured me that she would fulfill her contract and 'not run'.newsmaid3

The next day, I called Rose, revealed my identity and asked her why she was engaging in such activities.

After a few moments of silence, she said: 'After my husband died (in 2000), I was the only one left to support my family. My $350 salary is not enough to send back home.'

She then hung up.

Source: original story here

Weekly OPM NITE @ Gotham Penthouse

If you're looking for a place to wind-up after a week of pure hard work, check out
Gotham Penthouse.

This Bar is located in Clarke Quay with an area 7500 square feet space. The place is beautifully designed with an array of visual delights and an eclectic style of music and entertainment.

If you decide to visit, check out these areas within the bar:

  • Shag Room
    Elevated VIP area complemented by lush shag carpet.
  • Liquid Loft
    An elevated island bar with a fine view of the dance floor and stage.
  • Merlot Lounge
    An extraordinary stimulating chill out area
  • Show Floor
    Dance floor and performance area
  • The Groom Room
    Zen like bathroom

They have a special event called OPM NITE where they play Pinoy Music every Sunday starting from 8pm onwards

"Live band Brown Inc. & guest band artist " MAMBURATS" .

Their recent promo was:
1 4 1 JUGS & 20% Off Bottles + Free Entry!


Other Promos:



List of Singapore Residential/Household Movers (Lipat Bahay)

In case you are in need of a mover, here’s the list I gathered during a recent move.

  • Sharin (Malaysian) - highly recommended
    Mobile – 92383089

    - He’s very careful, on time and organized
    - With BIG truck and helpers (if requested).
    - He has a homemade trolleys which helped a lot in moving items, you may not need a helper..
    - Normally charge around S$50 and from 80 to 200+ if you have a lot of things specially bulky items.
    - Negotiate, he will agree up to a reasonable amount. According to him, he has catered to a lot of pinoys.
  • Ah Meng - 9338 5335 or Albert - 9769 2187
    - They have 14ft truck.
    - Charge around S$180 to S$250 range...
    - They will check your things and give you a quote.
    - You can request for boxes.
  • SIM - also recommended
    Mobile - 98532365.
    - He’s a local and usually charged around S$60
  • Tony Mercado (noypi)
    Mobile - 81134897

    - he's well known as 'mang tony'
    - charges $80 per trip.
    - he'll give you a quotation of roughly how much the total cost
    - unfortunately he does not provide boxes and has a small truck
  • Uncle Andy (Singaporean)
    Mobile – 90238932

    - price would range from $30 - $50
    - hourly rate
    - with helpers, if requested
  • Mr. Amat
    Mobile – 97361344

    - Cheap charge
    - normally available only on late night or Sunday morning.
  • Tolits (noypi
    Mobile – 98719518
  • Dani
    Mobile – 97585730
  • Alan Mah
    Mobile - 9022904

If you are planning to move cabinets, furniture's and appliances, you may want to get a professional service:

A & A Removal and Delivery Services 

Call Ms. Lita (pinay) at 90229049 for more information

  1. VAN

    Van and driver to drive only (1sthr)    $40
    Additional charges after the 1sthr    $20 per / 30 mins

    Van and driver to help move items (1sthr)    / $60
    Additional charges after the 1sthr    $30 / per 30 mins

    Van and driver + 1 mover to help move items (1sthr) / $80
    Additional charges after the 1sthr    $40 per / 30mins

    Additional charges for house not on lift level    $10 per level
    Additional charges after 5pm    $10
    Additional charges after 7pm  $20
    Additional per drop-off point    $10
  2. 10 Ft Lorry

    10ft Lorry and driver to drive only (1sthr) $60
    Additional charges after the 1st hr    $30 / 30 mins

    10ft Lorry and driver + 1 mover to help move items (1sthr)    $90
    Additional charges after the 1sthr    $45 / 30 mins

    10ft Lorry and driver + 2 movers to help move items $250 per trip

    Additional charges after the 1st trip pro-rate based on Lorry load $30

    Additional charges for house not on lift level    $20 per level
    Additional charges after 6pm    $20

    Additional charges after 8pm    $40

    Additional per drop-off point    $20
  3. 14ft. Lorry

    14ft Lorry and driver to drive only (1sthr)    $80
    Additional charges after the 1sthr    $40 / 30 mins

    14ft Lorry and driver + 1 mover to help move items (1sthr)    $100
    Additional charges after the 1sthr    $50 / 30 mins

    14ft Lorry and driver + 2 movers to help move items (1sthr)    $130
    Additional charges after the 1st hour    $65 / 30 mins

    14ft Lorry and driver + 3 movers to help move items (1sthr)    $160
    Additional charges after the 1st hour $80 / 30 mins

    14ft Lorry and driver + 2 to 3 movers to help move items    $350 to $450 per trip

    Additional charges after the 1st trip    pro-rate based on Lorry load
    Additional charges for house not on lift level    $30 per level
    Additional charges after 6pm    $30
    Additional charges after 8pm    $50
    Additional per drop-off point    $30

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

AH1N1 Update: Singapore discontinued temperature checks for AH1N1

Temperature checks for H1N1 cases at all Singapore borders will be discontinued from Saturday,  according to a government statement on Friday.
In the initial phase of H1N1 (2009) outbreak, temperature screening was implemented at the border checkpoints to contain the spread of the virus into the community.  As Influenza A (H1N1-2009) has become  endemic among global communities, and with localised community spread in Singapore,  temperature screening at our borders is now less useful than before there was local community spread.  As such, these temperature screening measures at our border checkpoints will be discontinued with effect from Saturday 11 July 2009.


In the initial phase, temperature screening was implemented at the border checkpoints to contain the spread of the virus into the community.

There are currently 70 confirmed H1N1 cases in hospitals here, including one in ICU.

Worldwide, more than 98,000 cases of H1N1 flu, including over 440 deaths, have occurred since the outbreak was first reported on April 24, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Scam Alert: Police Warns Public About Increasing Use of Counterfeit S$50

This news is a little bit dated but in case you still haven’t heard yet. There’s nothing to lose for being informed……

Police has recently reports of unknown person using counterfeit money as mode of payment.  To date more than 30 cases were reported and as we approach the period of festive sales, we would like to reiterate the importance for being vigilant.
Modus Operandi

Please take note that the culprit will normally use a fake currency note of S$50/- (commonly bearing the serial number: 2EY322725) at pubs, restaurants, petrol kiosks, convenient stores and 4D outlets for purchases.
The scam can also take in other forms ie culprit may also seek assistance in changing looses notes using counterfeit money, on the pretext of urgent need.

What to look out for:
1.  Counterfeit Notes using serial number:2EY3222725;
2.  Poor quality paper that has a waxy surface without the following intaglio:
      a.  No raised printing:
      b.  No shimmering effect on the kinegrams;
      c.  No Security Thread; and
3.  Although the counterfeit note simulated the outline of the watermark, but it does not have three-dimensional portrait of the late President Yusof Bin Ishak when examined under light.

What can you do when you receive such notes?
1.  When presented with the counterfeit note, do not return the suspected note to the suspect;
2.  Delay and keep the suspect at sight and if possible contact the police immediately;
3.  Take note of the description of the culprit, e.g. gender, age, height, built, attire, scars/tattoos, accent of language or any distinct features;
4.  Note the suspect(s)' mode of escape and take down the vehicle registration number if he/they escaped in a vehicle;
5.  Minimize the handling of the note and carefully place it in an envelope/polymer bag and hand it to the Police when they arrive.
If you have any information relation to the above cases, please to not hesitate to contact Police hotline at 1800-255 0000 or dial 999 if urgent police assistance is required.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Advisory On The Validity Of Green Philippine Passports

There has been a lot of confusion regarding the validity of the old Philippine Passport (green) ever since DFA introduced the Machine Readable Passport (or MRP).


The Philippine Embassy in Singapore reiterates that all green Philippine passports (non-machine readable, including those whose period of validity extends beyond 2010) will be valid until the stated date of expiry.

Green Passport

This advisory has been issued to reiterate the Embassy's previous statements on the validity of green passports, and to allay the confusion caused by recent erroneous information circulating on the Internet.

However, the Embassy reminds its nationals that a passport with at least six months' validity is required in order to travel outside of the Philippines.  Filipinos are advised to renew their passports at least six months prior to its expiry in order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.  It takes approximately six (6) weeks to process the new machine-readable passport.


Two of the most talented comedians in the Philippines will be performing Live in Singapore

IMG_3964 IMG_3968

WHEN: March 20 at GOTHAM CLUB, Clarke Quay
WHEN: March 21 at DXO Esplanade
TIME: 7:30pm onwards

Tickets @ $38.00 (FREE STANDARD DRINK)

For ticket sales and inquiry, you can contact +65-82138969
Email: pinoy_advertise@


If you’re a Starhub subscriber, you can send the following information for a chance to win ticket:


Northwest Airlines began serving "PENIS" onboard, Georgia now the top "PENIS" producing US state.

Are you bored and want to try something interesting?

How about trying the latest offering from Northwest Airlines (NWA). They apparently began offering “Penis” on board according to CNN anchorwoman Zain Verjee.

During  her report, she made a mistake on what is commonly known as “Freudian slip” when she should have said “peanuts” instead of "penis".

In all seriousness, Verjee proclaimed:
“Northwest began serving penis this month as its merger partner Atlanta-based Delta airlines has done for years,” Verjee said.

And she also added:
“Georgia is the top penis producing state in the country.”

Damn, what is she thinking?

Anyway, here's the video...

Rest in Peace, Francis Magalona, 1964-2009

A tribute to the “FrancisM”

Prayers and condolences for his family….

MOM Introduced Measures to Prevent Profiteering from employment of Foreign Workers

For those who are planning to take their chances to hit the jackpot in Singapore, read and understand this information carefully.

To summarize, it is an offense/illegal for employers and employment agencies to collect/receive any form of payment (whether monetary or in kind) in exchange for employment consideration.

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) introduced new Work Permit and S Pass conditions to prohibit employers from receiving payment as consideration for employing foreign workers, and recovering employment-related costs from foreign workers. A new licence condition will also be introduced to prohibit employment agencies from offering payment to employers, in exchange for hiring foreign workers through them. The new conditions will make clear to employers and employment agencies that engaging in such malpractices constitute an offence.

  1. Why is MOM introducing new Work Permit & S Pass Conditions and Employment Agency Licence Condition to prevent employers and employment agencies from profiteering from employment of foreign workers?

    Such practices increase the debt burden and compromise the welfare of foreign workers. The new conditions will make clear to employers and employment agencies that engaging in such malpractices constitute an offence.
  2. What are the new Work Permit and S Pass Conditions? When will it be effective?

    From 14 July 2008, it is an offence for employers to receive any form of payment (whether monetary or in kind) from a Work Permit holder or employment agent as consideration for the employment of the Work Permit holder. Employers are also prohibited from recovering employment-related expenses such as the levy and security bond, from their Work Permit holders. These new conditions will also apply to employers of S Pass holders.
  3. What are some of the employment-related expenses that cannot be recovered from the foreign worker?

    An employer is not allowed to recover employment-related expenses, (whether monetary or in kind), which are payable by the employer. Some of these include, but are not limited to:
    a) fees associated with application, issuance, renewal, or reinstatement of the Work Permit or S Pass
    b) costs associated with furnishing a security deposit required by MOM;
    c) costs associated with medical insurance required by MOM;
    d) costs associated with medical examination required by MOM;
    e) foreign worker levy payments required by MOM;
    f) costs associated with training a foreign employee, where the training is provided by employer or required by MOM; or
    g) repatriation costs.
  4. Who will be affected by the new Work Permit and S Pass Conditions?

    The new Work Permit conditions prohibiting employers from receiving payment (whether monetary or in kind) as consideration for the employment of the foreign worker or recovering employment-related costs will apply to all employers of Work Permit holders, including foreign domestic workers, and employers of S Pass holders.
  5. What is the penalty for employers who do not comply with the new Work Permit and S Pass Conditions?

    Errant employers who breach the new Work Permit and S Pass conditions will be fined up to $5,000 and/or imprisoned for up to six months under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act. They will also be barred from employing foreign workers in the future.
  6. What is the new Employment Agency Licence Condition? When will it be effective?

    From 14 July 2008, employment agencies will be prohibited from offering, directly or indirectly, any form of payment (whether monetary or in kind) to employers, in exchange for the employers hiring foreign workers through them.
  7. Who will be affected by the new Employment Agency Licence Condition?

    The new Employment Agency Licence condition will apply to all employment agencies carrying out recruitment or placement activities of foreign workers, including foreign domestic workers.
  8. What is the penalty for employment agencies who do not comply with the new Employment Agency Licence Condition?

    Employment agencies that breach the new Employment Agency Licence Condition will have their licences revoked and their security deposit forfeited.
  9. Will MOM be implementing other measures to curb the errant practice and the recovery of employment-related costs from foreign workers?

    MOM is working with the Singapore National Employers Federation to advise employers not to engage in such malpractices.  Foreign workers will also be educated on the new regulatory measures through guidebooks issued by MOM, namely “Working in Singapore - A Guide for Foreign Workers” and “A Handy Guide for Foreign Domestic Workers in Singapore”, as well as briefings conducted during safety orientation courses.
  10. How will employers and employment agencies be informed of the new Work Permit & S Pass Conditions and Employment Agency Licence Condition?

    Employers of Work Permit holders (including foreign domestic workers) and S Pass holders, as well as employment agencies will be informed of the Work Permit and S Pass Conditions and Employment Agency Licence Condition via circulars from MOM. MOM will also announce the new conditions on the WPOL and via the EA Alert.
  11. How can foreign workers report breaches of the new legislations?

    Foreign workers can call the MOM Call Centre at (65) 6438 5122 or email to
  12. Where can I find more information on the new Work Permit and S Pass Regulations and Employment Agency Licence Condition?

    You may wish to call the MOM Contact Centre at (65) 6438 5122, or access the website for more information on the new Work Permit and S Pass Conditions and Employment Agency Licence Condition.



Philippine Embassy: New Machine Readable Passport Fee, Requirements and Validity

According to the Philippine Embassy Press release:

    The Philippine Embassy's issuance of the new Machine Readable Passports (MRP) is in compliance with the requirement of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for all countries to issue Machine Readable Passports not later than 01 April 2010.

    This global standard is inter-operable and harmonized with all participating countries. Because of this, compliance benefits for the governments, the travelers, the airports and the airlines, primarily in document security and ease of travel.

    In response to the ICAO directive, the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) will be phasing-out the green passport and has instructed all its regional passport offices and foreign service posts, including the Philippine Embassy in Singapore, to begin issuing the MRP.

    The Philippine Embassy in Singapore started accepting applications for the new Machine Readable Passports (MRP) since 1 June 2008.

    All regular green passports earlier issued will remain valid and will be honored by immigration authorities worldwide until their stated expiry date.

If you currently hold a valid Philippine passport (green passport that has not expired), there is no need to worry as the green Passport will still be honored as a bonafide travel document issued by the Republic of the Philippines until it expires, even after the roll out of the new Machine Readable Passports.

Despite having more security features and more pages--44 compared to 36 pages for the old green one, take note: there will be no increase in the passport fee. Like the green passport, the MRP will be valid for five (5) years.


All passport requirements will remain the same except that the applicant will be required to personally appear and submit three (3) passport-size photos (4.5x3.5 cm), which should have a royal blue (instead of the usual white) matte background.

Personal Appearance is required for data verification, finger-printing and signature capture. Applications by mail will not be accepted. This will be easy for us here in sunny Singapore since it won’t take an hour to get to the embassy but it might be a problem to those Filipinos living in other countries where the presence of Philippine consulate is limited.

New Photo Requirements:
· Background – ROYAL BLUE
· Size – 4.5 cm X 3.5 cm
· Pose – image of applicant is 70 – 80% of the photograph
- Straight frontal shot (no tilting of head)
- “Medium” smile is allowed
- Collared shirt / decent attire
- Both ears visible
- Prescription eye-glasses allowed, provided there is no glare
- Head scarf / veil for religious or health reasons allowed

Photos can be rejected for the following reasons:
- Distorted image – head is tilted or smile is too wide
- Women - excessive makeup, large earrings
- Men – wearing makeup, earrings
- colored contact lenses
- use of headgear other than scarf / veil for religious or health reasons
- use of dark eyeglasses / shades
- photos with “red-eye” effect
- dirty photos / poor photo quality / poor or uneven lighting
- digitally altered photos (rendered with photoshop or other imaging programs) / unnatural skin tones

It would be wise to apply for the MRP at least three (3) months before the expiration of your green passport since all the applications received by the Philippine Foreign Service Posts abroad will be sent to the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila via diplomatic pouch. Because of the transit time, it will now take SIX WEEKS for a passport to be released to the applicants, from the time the application is accepted at the Consulate General.

So, what does the new Machine Readable Passport look like?


McEmergency: This is an emergency, my McNuggets are an emergency

    This McNugget meltdown happened in one of McDonald's branch in Florida. Latreasa Goodman ordered a 10 piece McNuggets but the store apparently runs out of McNuggets. The cashier told police she offered Goodman a larger portion of food for the same price to make up for it, but said Goodman got “irate”.

Base on my limited knowledge, once the order has been punched, it cannot be refunded unless the cashier or the manager will take responsibility and give the money back from their own wallet.

Goodman apparently told investigators she tried to get a refund for the 10-piece McNuggets, but the cashier told her all sales are final.

    Dispatchers for 911 told police Goodman called the emergency number three times and on each occasion was told an officer was en route.

    “She maintained the attitude ‘this is an emergency, my McNuggets are an emergency,’” the report states.

    Goodman eventually agreed to get a McDouble in lieu of the McNuggets as long as she also got the difference in price back. Goodman said the only menu items she cares for are McNuggets and McDoubles.

McNuggets, introduced to the McDonald’s national menu in 1983, are sold in more than 100 countries and often are dunked in barbecue or hot mustard sauce. McNuggets 10-piece selection has 460 calories and 29 grams of fat.

    McDonald's statement:

    "Satisfying each and every customer that visits our restaurants is very important to us.

    Regarding this isolated incident, we apologize for the inconvenience caused.

    In the event that we are unable to fill an order, a customer should be offered the choice of a full refund or alternative menu items. We regret that in this instance, that wasn't the case.

    We want to correct our mistake. We will be sending the customer her refund, along with an Arch card for a complimentary meal on us.

Goodman, 27, eventually won but she ended up getting a notice to appear in court on a misuse of 911 charge, according to a recently released police report.

      Two High Ranking AFP Officials visited Singapore, gave courtesy call to Ministry of Defense

        The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, General (GEN) Alexander Yano and Flag Officer in Command, Philippine Navy, Vice-Admiral (VADM) Ferdinand S. Golez was in Singapore last February three-day introductory visit as part of their new post.

        They meet with Minister for Defence Teo Chee Hean at the Ministry of Defence as a courtesy call.

        General Yano also meet with Chief of Defence Force, Lieutenant-General Desmond Kuek and visited the Army's Headquarters Training and Doctrine. While Vice-Admiral Golez meet with Chief of Navy, Rear-Admiral Chew Men Leong and visited the Changi Naval Base.

        The visit underscores the warm and friendly defence ties between Singapore and the Philippines. Besides the exchange of visits, both defense forces also interact regularly through courses and other professional exchanges.

        Source: Mindef Singapore

      POSB iB Message’s SMS Notification services

      From 14 June 2009, when you successfully complete the following transactions, for added peace of mind POSB will send an SMS notification:
      • Add New DBS/POSB Payee
      • Add New Other Bank Payee
      • Funds Transfer To Other DBS/POSB A/C*
      • Funds Transfer To Other Bank*

      You need to update your mobile number for the Internet Banking Message Service (iB Message) at any DBS/POSB ATM.

      *For transactions of S$2,000 and above.

      Ka Roger: Pinoy Food Stall In Tampines

      Ka Roger, a pinoy food eatery known for their BBQ and other Filipino foods has a branch in Tampines.

      It is strategically located near the Tampines Mall, around 10mins walk from Starbucks and Church of the Holy Trinity.

      They are open from everyday starting from 8AM to 8PM.

      If you want to inquire regarding their services, you can call 9782-5974 and look for Ka Roger.

        Complete Address:
        Ka Roger
        Tampines Street 12 Block 164 Unit 01-297.

      Solar Entertainment and Parmon Group to broadcast live TV feed in Singapore of Pacquiao and Hatton’s fight

      This is something to look forward to this coming May 2. I hope they will announce the list of Cinema’s where they will be showing the live telecast. For the first time, we will be able to watch Pacman’s fight in the big screen here in “lah lah” land.
        Solar Entertainment Corporation, the leading sports television broadcaster in the Philippines, has appointed Parmon Group of Singapore to distribute the widely anticipated live television feed of the Pacquiao / Hatton duel scheduled for May 3, 2009 in Las Vegas (May 2 for U.S. viewers). Parmon is chaired by sports philanthropist Paul Monozca.

        "We are pleased to work with Solar Sports to bring the live feed of the boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton to Singapore said Paul Monozca, Chairman of Parmon Group. We are expecting massive interest from both the Filipino and British communities in Singapore as this is for the world junior welterweight crown. We are currently working out the venue and everyone is looking forward to it". Proceeds of the live television event will benefit cancer stricken children the Dr. AB Monozca Foundation supports.

        "Lets move on" said an excited Peter Chanliong, Chief Operating Officer of Solar. We leave it to Paul Monozca's group on bringing this much anticipated event to Singapore."

        The celebrated Manny Pacquiao is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world according to several boxing magazines. His popularity in the Philippines is unmatched and he has a global following. From humble beginnings, Pacquiao is now a multi-millionaire having earned an average of USD10million in several fights the past 4 years. He is expected to earn USD 20 million for the May 3 fight alone which includes a share in the broadcast rights via pay-per-view. His last fight in Las Vegas defeated former world champion Oscar de la Joya of the United States. Pacquiao is so popular in his home country that the crime rate dropped to zero during his bouts. Filipinos from all walks of life watch Pacquiao.

        The Pacquiao/Hatton fight is planned to be held in a chain of cinemas - as opposed to the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

        Watch Manny Pacquiao Vs. Ricky Hatton Online Free Live Streaming

      GMANews.TV Falls victim of a fake site, warns public

      GMA News warned the public last week regarding a fake site that reports fake news. The fake site, which was hosted under, has been taken down as it is reporting a 404 error meaning none existing page as of press time., according to its site, is a user donations supported free web hosting service

      MANILA, Philippines - GMANews.TV, the official news Web site of GMA Network’s News and Public Affairs, would like to warn the public not to fall for a phony Web site masquerading as our site.

      The sham Web site has the URL, and recently it posted a fabricated news item entitled "KARATE KID" FAST FOOD with AIDS!!!" The bogus story was about a 14-year-old boy who was diagnosed with AIDS after eating in a Makati restaurant.

      A screen shot of the bogus Web site carrying the Karate Kid story has been circulating in Internet forums apparently to discredit GMANews.TV and the restaurant.

      Legitimate Web sites can easily be faked through digital photo editing software applications. In the case of the fake GMANews.TV Web site, the perpetrators obviously made a screen grab of the nation page that contained the Red Cross kidnapping story, altered the copied page with a bogus Karate Kid story and posted it online using an obscure URL This Web site does not belong to GMANews.TV or any of its affiliates, including its parent company, GMA Network Inc. and its Internet unit, GMA New Media Inc.

      A comparison of the fake Web site and the GMANews.TV will reveal these glaring differences:

      1. First, the fake Web site used all capital letters in the headline. These are not the style of GMANews.TV even if it is the end of the world.
      2. Second, the fake Web site used triple exclamation points. These are also not the style of GMANews.TV.
      3. Third, the fake Web site used a text font type that is different from the one used by GMANews.TV.
      4. Fourth, articles tagged as related stories were about the kidnapping of International Committee of the Red Cross in Sulu.
      image image


      Source: GMANews.TV

      Wednesday, July 1, 2009

      DBS/POSB System Upgrading Maintenance (July)


      Got this from DBS/POSB:

      Please note that we will be upgrading our system to serve you better on:

      Date: 6 July 2009
      Time: 00:00 a.m. to 03:00 a.m.

      During this period, the following Credit Cards and Cashline services will be temporarily unavailable:
      - Account/ Statement enquiry
      - Funds Transfer/ Bill Payment
      - Cash Withdrawals

      We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding to this matter.