Friday, July 17, 2009

Jailed for four months for bribing traffic offense

This is a constant reminder to always follow the law in Singapore:

This man accepted a bribe in return for taking the rap for a traffic offence was jailed for four months on Wednesday.


Tan Poh Heng, 29, now unemployed, pleaded guilty to corruptly receiving $1,200 from housing agent Huang Yongjie, 27, to assume criminal liability for the latter's speeding offence along Upper Thomson Road in December 2007.

Assistant Public Prosecutor Christine Liu said Mr Huang was caught speeding by a speed camera along Upper Thomson Road on Dec 4 that year.

He did not know that he had been caught speeding and was overseas when a traffic offence notice was sent to him around mid-December.

He then decided to look for someone to 'take the rap'' as he did not want to have a further six demerit points on top of his current balance of 12 demerit points.

Later that month, he approached his colleague, Ms Doreen Yap Xiao Ping, 24, and said he was willing to pay a 'market rate'' for someone to take the rap for his offence.

After being informed that the going rate was $200 per demerit point, Mr Huang said he was willing to pay $1,200, in addition to the fine of $150.

Ms Yap then recommended her boyfriend, Tan, to Mr Huang.

Mr Huang issued a cheque for $1,350 to Tan, who deposited $1,000 into his account and spent the rest.

Tan went to the Traffic Police department to pay the fine of $150 after claiming to be the driver.

He has surrendered the $1,200 to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau.

He could have been fined up to $100,000 and/or jailed for up to five years for corruption.

Mr Huang and Ms Yap have not been charged.

via StraitsTimes

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