Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weekly OPM NITE @ Gotham Penthouse

If you're looking for a place to wind-up after a week of pure hard work, check out
Gotham Penthouse.

This Bar is located in Clarke Quay with an area 7500 square feet space. The place is beautifully designed with an array of visual delights and an eclectic style of music and entertainment.

If you decide to visit, check out these areas within the bar:

  • Shag Room
    Elevated VIP area complemented by lush shag carpet.
  • Liquid Loft
    An elevated island bar with a fine view of the dance floor and stage.
  • Merlot Lounge
    An extraordinary stimulating chill out area
  • Show Floor
    Dance floor and performance area
  • The Groom Room
    Zen like bathroom

They have a special event called OPM NITE where they play Pinoy Music every Sunday starting from 8pm onwards

"Live band Brown Inc. & guest band artist " MAMBURATS" .

Their recent promo was:
1 4 1 JUGS & 20% Off Bottles + Free Entry!


Other Promos:



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