Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Scam Alert: Police Warns Public About Increasing Use of Counterfeit S$50

This news is a little bit dated but in case you still haven’t heard yet. There’s nothing to lose for being informed……

Police has recently reports of unknown person using counterfeit money as mode of payment.  To date more than 30 cases were reported and as we approach the period of festive sales, we would like to reiterate the importance for being vigilant.
Modus Operandi

Please take note that the culprit will normally use a fake currency note of S$50/- (commonly bearing the serial number: 2EY322725) at pubs, restaurants, petrol kiosks, convenient stores and 4D outlets for purchases.
The scam can also take in other forms ie culprit may also seek assistance in changing looses notes using counterfeit money, on the pretext of urgent need.

What to look out for:
1.  Counterfeit Notes using serial number:2EY3222725;
2.  Poor quality paper that has a waxy surface without the following intaglio:
      a.  No raised printing:
      b.  No shimmering effect on the kinegrams;
      c.  No Security Thread; and
3.  Although the counterfeit note simulated the outline of the watermark, but it does not have three-dimensional portrait of the late President Yusof Bin Ishak when examined under light.

What can you do when you receive such notes?
1.  When presented with the counterfeit note, do not return the suspected note to the suspect;
2.  Delay and keep the suspect at sight and if possible contact the police immediately;
3.  Take note of the description of the culprit, e.g. gender, age, height, built, attire, scars/tattoos, accent of language or any distinct features;
4.  Note the suspect(s)' mode of escape and take down the vehicle registration number if he/they escaped in a vehicle;
5.  Minimize the handling of the note and carefully place it in an envelope/polymer bag and hand it to the Police when they arrive.
If you have any information relation to the above cases, please to not hesitate to contact Police hotline at 1800-255 0000 or dial 999 if urgent police assistance is required.


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