Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Emilio Valentino Warehouse SALE 2009 Up to 70% Off

img114Enjoy fabulous Emilio Valentino apparel and accessories at exclusive discounts of up to 75% off from April 23 to May 17. You will also receive a FREE GIFT if you purchase a minimum of $30.

What: Emilio Valentino Warehouse Sale
When: April 23 to May 17 2009
Where: Blk 51 Ubi Avenue 1 #03-01 Paya Ubi Industrial Park, Singapore 408933

Opens daily from 10:30am to 7:30pm. Mode of payment accepted are Cash, NETS, Visa and MasterCard

Free parking. Take Bus No. 63 at Eunos Bus Interchange, alight at bus stop in front or opposite Paya Ubi Industrial Park.





Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Go green, Go Singapore!


Solar panel as source of energy

In Singapore, when it rains it pours

It was raining when I woke up today. It’s about time. In the past few days it’s been really really REALLY hot in HERE!


  Have you ever noticed that rain in Singapore normally lasts for 1-2 hours?


Fairmont Singapore Hotel and Resorts Promo

I got this info from an email. Fairmont Hotel and Resorts, including Fairmont Singapore, is having a promotion.

This promo rate is exclusively for friends and families of Fairmont employees but using the promo code and Booker ID provided below you can circumvent this restriction.

Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, such as Fairmont Singapore, are giving promotional rates to employees’ Friends and Family until December 31, 2009.

This is ideal for you and/or your family members or friends who are coming to Singapore and are looking for hotel accommodations for their stay. (this program is worldwide and is not limited to Singapore only)

You may check out the current prices yourself and compare the standard rates with the promotional rates if you wish. A Five Star accommodation on a discounted rate.

Reservations for this program are to be made through Just be sure to include the Promotion Code *NFAF* on the 1st screen and the Booker ID # *89999416* on the 3rd screen of the reservation process to avail the promotion.

Please take note that;

  - This program is NOT applicable to family and friends in the *media*, or who are a part of the *travel agency community* (electronic or otherwise)
  - This program is NOT applicable to friends or family *directly associated with business that is already negotiated with a Fairmont hotel

I did a comparison checked if the promo code will let me booked a discounted room and indeed I was able to get as much as 70% off. Using the promo code, the result indicates that the rate is for Fairmont Hotels and Resorts Friends & Family.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Pacquiao vs. Hatton Fight Singapore Live Feed Will Not Push Through

There has been a lot of anticipation regarding this fight specially the idea that it will be shown in Singapore live via satellite feed and is supposed to be sponsored by the Parmon Group as posted here.

But now, all hope has been shattered as the Singapore government has yet to approve Parmon Group the event license and this is already too late to make it to the event day.

According to a Parmon Group rep:

Sad to say we have cancelled the live feed in Singapore due to the delay in
issuance of the government license for the event. We are looking into airing via
TFC cable but delayed 1-hour. Will keep you posted.


An alternative way is to check the P2P channel TVU/SopCast list on the event day. Somebody broadcasted Pacquiao's last fight with De La Hoya there.

Justin TV Link:

SopCast Link:

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Best phone card when calling Philippines from Singapore

This article already posted to my other website. I am reposting it as this should really belong here:

  1. Starhub HomeConnect


    StarHub HomeConnect Estimated Talktime/Mins Estimated Cost/Min S$/ min
    Philippines - Fixed 53 0.18
    Philippines - Mobile# 48 0.2

    Denomination: $10

    StarHub's Prepaid calling card. HomeConnect card lets you make overseas calls from any fixed line, mobile line or payphone in Singapore. And, HomeConnect card offers you an economical way to call back to Singapore when you are abroad.

    HomeConnect comes with these outstanding value features:
    • All-Day Flat Rates. Enjoy the same easy rate any time of the day
    • Card Merging. Transfer the card value of one HomeConnect card to another, and retain the use of the same 14-digit card number.
    • No subscription, no registration required.

    It is being sold from Starhub for $10 but you can get it as low as $8.50 in Lucky Plaza.

    You can check the rates for detailed info.

  2. Telcom 15150 CallBack

    Telcom 15150 CallBack Estimated Talktime/Mins Estimated Cost/Min S$/ min
    Philippines - Fixed 98mins 0.097/min
    Philippines - Mobile# 40mins 0.229/min

    Denomination: $10, 20 and $50 ( free $5)

    Being sold at $8.00 (, AXS stations and 7-11 stores)

    This card is from Telcom United (S) Pte Ltd. Its a callback service, meaning you call their designated number and once connected it will auto disconnect. The system will call you back after a few seconds and ask for the IDD number you wish to call. This is good specially if you have unlimited incoming since you don't have to waste your mobile's extra monthly allocated outgoing minutes.

    Features of 15150 CallBack

    • Callback
    • Call In Registration and Top Up
    • Speed Dial Function(for one stage callback)
    • Free Trial at AXS Stations and at

    *Note: For use on mobile with free incoming call only. Watch out for the connection charge.

  3. M1 1818 International Calling Card

    M1 1818 Estimated Talktime/Mins Estimated Cost/Min S$/ min
    Philippines - Fixed 55 0.18/min
    Philippines - Mobile# 50 0.20/min

    Denomination: $10

    The 1818 prepaid International Calling Card enables you to make overseas calls to the Top 8 Asian countries and over 200 destinations worldwide in an easy and cost-effective way. you can call from Singapore to Bangladesh, China, India India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and All other countries.

    Just dial 1818 and follow the voice prompts to place your call. It's that simple!  1818 is easily accessible, so you can call from any mobile phones, fixed lines and SingTel/StarHub payphones.


    • Calls are charged by per minute block.
    • one-time $0.30 connection charge per call applies after the 1st minute.
    • Card merging is available on the 1818 card.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Singapore-Philippines Cargo service

Lucky Plaza 2 

This is the list of available door-to-door cargo/freight forwarding service I was able to collect for sending items (including electronic items such as LCD TV up to 37") to the Philippines.

Most of them are located in Lucky Plaza or more commonly known as LP. If you know any company who are providing the same service, let me know and I will include them here.

Lucky Plaza, 304 Orchard Road

  • A-1 Cargo Service

    Unit #03-050,
    Tel (65) 6235 2929
    Fax (65) 6835 2370

  • LBC Aircargo (S) Pte Ltd / LBC Remittance Express

    Unit #04-077
    Tel (65) 67361500 / 67361056
    Fax (65) 67385258

  • Hagibis Express

    Unit #03-022,
    Tel (65) 6734 9434

  • Speed Box

    Unit #04-078,
    Tel (65) 6836 9053
    Fax (65) 6836 9053

  • Metrobox Express Pte Ltd

    Unit #04-002,
    Tel (65) 62350574
    Fax (65) 62350624

  • K.C.Dat (S) Pte Ltd

    Unit #03-074,
    Tel (65) 67324902
    Fax (65) 67343410

  • Jolly-B Box Express

    Unit #03-088,
    Tel (65) 68366241EEC Trading & Service
    Fax (65) 68366215

  • Gen-Ex Cargo (S) Pte Ltd

    Unit #02-043,
    Tel (65) 6737 1227

  • EEC Trading & Service

    Unit #04-019,
    Tel (65) 6736 2773
    Fax (65) 6736 2775

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Punggol Park: A hidden forest in Hougang

We just moved in to a new flat. And unlike our old flat where the only place we get to hang out was around a football field we now have a park meters away from our building. Although its called Punggol Park, its not actually situated in Punggol but in the Hougang area.



    View from our previous flat. How boring is that?


   View from the common room of our new place. Nice eh?








Punggol Park, right across our place



There’s even a lake where you can go fishing.
Not sure if the fishes are edible though.


Better start that long-due jogging routine



Things you can do in the park:
Kite flying
Tai Chi
Inline Skating and Taiqi
Water sports activities such as dragon boating, kayaking, wakeboarding, remote control sailboat
There are also barbecue pits for celebrations and gatherings.

So if you are around the area come and visit us! Hehehe…

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The New Enhanced CITREP Grant Scheme: Take Back Course Fee And Exam Up To 80% Savings

In order to be competitive in this challenging times, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) updated the rule for how much “rebate” one could get back from the existing 50% to a whopping 80% on CITREP course fees. Imagine taking a course that would normally cost S$5000, you will only pay S$1000 after applying the incentive. This is a very big saving indeed.

The Critical Infocomm Technology Resource Programme (CITREP) is an existing training incentive programme to encourage professionals to acquire critical and emerging infocomm skills. IDA has enhanced the CITREP to further incentivize professionals and companies to continue skills upgrading and competency development during the economic downturn.

The programme supports the course and examination fees for training courses and certifications in the following critical and emerging skill areas which are articulated in the National Infocomm Competency Framework (NICF):
  • Infocomm Security
  • Interactive Digital Media
  • IT Services
  • Network and Communications
  • Project Management
  • Software and Applications
  • Telecommunications
According to IDA:

The enhanced CITREP funding allows both infocomm and non-infocomm professionals to update and upgrade themselves in the dynamic, competitive and fast changing infocomm industry as follows:

Enhanced CITREP (for FY09 and FY10)
  • For Course and Certification Fees Support, up to 80% (from 50%) of the nett payable course and examination fees, capped at $3,000 per trainee; or
  • For Certification Fees Support, up to 80% (from 50%) of the nett payable examination fees, capped at $500 per trainee; or
  • For Organization-Sponsored Trainees only: The sponsoring organizations are eligible for Absentee Payroll, at $50 per day, when they sponsor their employees for Full-Time Training.
To be eligible for funding support under CITREP, a trainee must:
  • Be a Singapore citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident;
  • Meet the admission criteria set by the Course Provider or Certificate Awarding Body;
  • Commence all training courses or certification examinations between 1 April 2009 and 31 March 2011 (or otherwise stipulated by IDA);
  • Ensure that the endorsed course providers or testing centers have submitted their enrolments for their intended courses or certifications on their behalf in the iTRAIN system before the commencement of the training courses or certifications;
  • For Organization-Sponsored Trainees: The sponsoring organization must be incorporated or registered in Singapore. Employees of local government agencies are not eligible. Employees of these organizations can, however, qualify for CITREP under the self-sponsored category;
  • For Course and Certification Fees Support: The trainee must complete the course and pass all examinations required by the certification or post-training assessment within 12 months from the course commencement date:
    • With at least 75% of the training as per endorsed roadmap; and
    • Achieve the final certification status (applicable to certifiable programmes only) or pass the post-course assessment; and
  • For Certification Fees Support: Pass all examinations required by the certification within 12 months from the commencement date of the first examination (applicable to certifiable programmes only).

    A total budget of $25 million is estimated for Enhanced CITREP for FY09 and FY10. This programme is expected to benefit 10,000 infocomm professionals over the next two years.

The list of endorsed courses and certifications can be found on the iTRAIN website.

Note: CITREP funding does not support GST, registration and membership fees, rebates, incentives, discounts or any training grants offered by the Course Providers, Testing Centers or any other organizations in relation to the endorsed courses and certifications.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Also in Singapore: Getting Jiggy in a Condo Pool

This hot action pictures were supposedly taken in a condo unit located at Bukit Timah in the middle of afternoon heat…..

is the coast clear?

is the coast clear?

then let’s do the jiggy thing…….

then let’s do the jiggy thing…….

then let’s do the jiggy thing…….

then let’s do the jiggy thing…….

whew, what a day…..

then let’s do the jiggy thing…….

hmm, I wonder if there is a CCTV recording of this little action?

via stomp