Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Medical Check-up for LTSVP Requirements

According to ICA Medical Info for Long-Term Immigration:

The medical examination requirement will be extended to foreigners who applied and obtained in-principle approval for employment passes of six months' duration or more, long-term immigration passes (refer to the Professional Visit Pass, Dependant's Pass, Student's Pass and Long-Term Social Visit Pass of six months duration or more) and Permanent Residence (PR).

Those who are found to have active Tuberculosis or HIV infection will not be granted employment passes, long-term immigration passes or PR. This health requirement will further strengthen the control of communicable diseases like HIV infection and Tuberculosis in Singapore.

All applicants who have been granted in-principle approval will be informed and given a copy of the medical examination form. They are required to bring along the medical examination forms when they visit a registered general practitioner in Singapore for the medical examination.

It's a very simple exam process that involves a 3 minute General Health Check-up from a General Practitioner Doctor, a blood test (HIV), and a chest X-Ray.

What you need to do is:

  • Download the Medical Report form from the ICA website.
  • Bring the form along with your passport to any medical clinic (you often find one in a HDB development block). Give them the medical form to complete.
  • Get examined (General Check-up) by the Doc
  • They will take a blood sample for HIV test
  • Go to an X-Ray clinic (the medical clinic will usually be partnered with one, so follow their direction).
  • Then a couple days later, you can then pick-up the completed medical form once they inform you.
  • Make an e-Appointment online ahead of time to ICA.
  • Take the result along with the required documents to the ICA when you apply for the LTSVP formality.

Raffles Hospital is always recommended as they have a fast and efficient service. Blood test and X-ray done at same place and no appointment necessary. Just walk in and you'll get the results back in 2 or 3 days.

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