Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Best phone card when calling Philippines from Singapore

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  1. Starhub HomeConnect


    StarHub HomeConnect Estimated Talktime/Mins Estimated Cost/Min S$/ min
    Philippines - Fixed 53 0.18
    Philippines - Mobile# 48 0.2

    Denomination: $10

    StarHub's Prepaid calling card. HomeConnect card lets you make overseas calls from any fixed line, mobile line or payphone in Singapore. And, HomeConnect card offers you an economical way to call back to Singapore when you are abroad.

    HomeConnect comes with these outstanding value features:
    • All-Day Flat Rates. Enjoy the same easy rate any time of the day
    • Card Merging. Transfer the card value of one HomeConnect card to another, and retain the use of the same 14-digit card number.
    • No subscription, no registration required.

    It is being sold from Starhub for $10 but you can get it as low as $8.50 in Lucky Plaza.

    You can check the rates for detailed info.

  2. Telcom 15150 CallBack

    Telcom 15150 CallBack Estimated Talktime/Mins Estimated Cost/Min S$/ min
    Philippines - Fixed 98mins 0.097/min
    Philippines - Mobile# 40mins 0.229/min

    Denomination: $10, 20 and $50 ( free $5)

    Being sold at $8.00 (ezpay.com.sg, AXS stations and 7-11 stores)

    This card is from Telcom United (S) Pte Ltd. Its a callback service, meaning you call their designated number and once connected it will auto disconnect. The system will call you back after a few seconds and ask for the IDD number you wish to call. This is good specially if you have unlimited incoming since you don't have to waste your mobile's extra monthly allocated outgoing minutes.

    Features of 15150 CallBack

    • Callback
    • Call In Registration and Top Up
    • Speed Dial Function(for one stage callback)
    • Free Trial at AXS Stations and at www.callback.com.sg

    *Note: For use on mobile with free incoming call only. Watch out for the connection charge.

  3. M1 1818 International Calling Card

    M1 1818 Estimated Talktime/Mins Estimated Cost/Min S$/ min
    Philippines - Fixed 55 0.18/min
    Philippines - Mobile# 50 0.20/min

    Denomination: $10

    The 1818 prepaid International Calling Card enables you to make overseas calls to the Top 8 Asian countries and over 200 destinations worldwide in an easy and cost-effective way. you can call from Singapore to Bangladesh, China, India India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and All other countries.

    Just dial 1818 and follow the voice prompts to place your call. It's that simple!  1818 is easily accessible, so you can call from any mobile phones, fixed lines and SingTel/StarHub payphones.


    • Calls are charged by per minute block.
    • one-time $0.30 connection charge per call applies after the 1st minute.
    • Card merging is available on the 1818 card.

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