Friday, June 5, 2009

Increased Due Diligence and Questioning from NAIA Immigration Officials

During my flight back to Singapore, I noticed an increased questioning from Immigration Officials at NAIA T3 where Cebu Pacific is based. Most of the apprehended are Filipino tourist going out of the country for the first time.

In my queue, there were two people who were told to go the interview room for clearance. A guy in his early 20's accompanying a girl, probably his older sister was told to get a clearance but he tried again on another counter but apparently he was already flagged since when the Immigration Official asked for his name, he checked the database and inform him to go to the interview room immediately.

I happen to passed by the Interview room on the way and there were around 10 people waiting to be cleared. Bureau of Immigration (BOI) has been doing this thing for a sometime now but there has been an increasing due diligence checks and stricter implementation of rule lately.


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  2. Arent they just trying to rip off the people. I was told that immgration officials in the philippines just ask money from those people.... wanna know the truth?? i have a big story to tell... well.. maybe next time.. coz im in the office right now.. chow..

  3. I thought that we filipinos sucks! thats the truth about most filipinos especially to those working at the immigration Clark/manila.Its very shameful that we have so much negative reputations on how immigration do their works.Rip
    They dont even treat their fellow filipinos with respect and good service and make it so hard for them.THINK ABOUT IT FILIPINOS!!! You can be strict with the rules and regulations but verybody deserves good sevice and respects!