Sunday, June 21, 2009

Phuket, Thailand

Our recent trip to Phuket was probably the most relaxing, rejuvenating vacation I have ever had in my entire life! We were only there for four days but it felt like a month. I can’t even compare it to my 3 weeks holiday vacation in the Philippines. It could be because we had no itinerary to follow. Come what may, live the day was what we did. For four days, we didn’t even bother looking at our watch (except when we had to leave for Singapore). We just relied on the sun to tell us that the time.


Our activities comprised of sleeping, reading, swimming, sun bathing and eating. It may sound boring but I had a rough, stressful year so I needed this kind of peaceful vacation. We did plan to join at least one whole day tour to see the other islands in Phuket but we weren’t able to find a good package that is within our budget. Snorkeling which was commonly offered in the package was on the bottom of our list because we’ve done it a few times in the past. We eyed for kayaking but when we saw the prices we backed out. It was just too expensive.

And because we were able to saved a lot of money, BF went parasailing and we both tried jet skiing!  It was a first time for both of us so we really enjoyed it. We also devoured every seafood we can get into for 3 nights(except for lobster because its too expensive hah!)

Below are pictures of fish in red curry sauce, grilled squid and green mussels in garlic and basil. Then there’s a photo of a yummy looking lobster which we didn’t bother to order (way too expensive!). Not in picture was the Tom Yum seafood which I so so love. I was surprised really because it wasn’t that spicy and it’s way way better than the ones I’ve had here in Singapore.


IMG_3624 IMG_3833

TIP: If you’re on a very very tight budget, try searching for “turo-turos” around the area where you’re going to stay. We saw some of them in Patong so I’m sure there will be in Karon and Kata. The ambiance of the place may not be as good as the 3 or 4 star restaurants but the price of their food is way cheaper –less than a 100 Baht per serving. Can you believe that? Unluckily for us, we only discovered the place on our last night. Boohoo!

IMG_3659 IMG_3664

TRAVEL DATE: February 1-4
BUDGET: 1000 SGD for 2
WHERE WE STAYED:  Thara Patong - 350SGD 3N/4D. Good hotel but minus points for their bathroom. FOOD, TAXI, Others: 250 SGD
OVERALL TRIP RATING: coconut-tree-clipart35 coconut-tree-clipart35coconut-tree-clipart35coconut-tree-clipart35 coconut-tree-clipart35

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