Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sending items to the Philippines via Cargo Companies


It’s ‘ber month again, just a few months and it will be Christmas. A lot of us are now thinking of what to send home as pasalubong, as they say its part of the pinoy culture.

If you intend to carry bulky items, one suggestion is to send it via any of the Door-To-Door Cargo companies. It is more comfortable to travel with less baggage, less worry.

It would help to get the dimension of the items you're sending or if it fits the standard boxes so that they can give you a quote.

As far as I know, you can request for a box from any of the cargo companies and have it delivered in your flat. After you have pack all items and sealed the box, you may call the cargo company for collection. From there, they can estimate the time when the box will arrive in its destination in the Philippines. The delivery time will depend on how far the destination is from Manila.

Some Tips:

  1. You can use old clothes to support the items in the box.
  2. You can request for used boxes in NTUC if you need smaller container or to support the items you're sending.
  3. The top of shampoos, lotions and other plastic bottles should be secured with
    adhesive tape. There's a possibility that the contents will burst out of packging if it is not properly packed.
  4. Write the address a) on top of the box; b) on two adjacent sides of the box.
    This will help the cargo company and their staffs.

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