Sunday, October 3, 2010

Singapore Baseball and Softball Association U Sports Slowpitch Carnival 2010

The Singapore Baseball and Softball Association (SBSA) with its co-organiser, U Sports, NTUC Club will be holding its annual slowpitch softball carnival 2010 at the Anchorvale Fields on the weekends of 10, 16-17 and 30-31 Oct. This tournament is an annual fundraising event held by the Singapore National Women’s Softball Team. Funds raised during this competition will go towards the development of women’s softball... athletes in Singapore. This tournament, which comprises various categories, is open to all teams with players of varying experience. We enclose the flyers and the detail information of the carnival on 2nd & 3rd page.

Since its inauguration, the tournament has attracted a wide variety of teams from local universities, clubs and multinational companies.


Event: SBSA - U Sports Softball Slow Pitch Carnival 2010

Venue: Anchorvale Fields (opp Sengkang Sports & Recreation Center) GETTING THERE

CategoriesCompetitive, Intermediate and Recreational

Date: 10, 16, 17 October (Intermediate & Recreational), 30-31 October (Competitive)

Time: Full Day event

Fees: $480 per team - Special rate of $300 for teams who had participated in U Sports' recent Softball Mania, OR, have at at least 5 NTUC members/nEbO members in the team.

No. of players: Min. 10, Max 20 (Competitive and Intermediate), Max 23 (Recreational Only)

  • min 3 Female players during inning (Applicable to Intermediate and Recreational Categories Only)
  • Maximum of 4 Male League players playing at any one time (only for Intermediate)

How to Register: Visit the registration page to sign up and make payment online. Team Captains / IC, will first need to sign up as a user to use this facility. Once payment is made, an official registration form will be sent to you.


Recreational category is for beginners who just picked up the sport and would like to put their skills to the test.

All players can only have 3 years or less experience, as "beginners" say it all, we would strongly encourage the others who have more than 3 years' experience to come play in our Intermediate or Competitive category!

There must be a minimum of 3 ladies and a maximum of 7 gentlemen playing per inning.
* Subject to 4 or more participating teams.

After playing for a couple of years, you already have fairly good knowledge of the game. Now, you are ready to pit your skills against other like-minded players!
There can only be a maximum of 4 male league players. There is no limit to the number of female league players per team.

We know age has caught up with some of you, so feel free to appoint your designated runner (DR) before your game. Your DR can run bases for any player and there is no limit to the number of times he/she comes in. Please indicate in the line-up sheet who your DR is.

We welcome any team that wants to prove their team's prowess to all. Kicked up a notch from the intermediate category, get ready for some huffing and puffing. There is no minimum ladies' rules here, you can field all your male players, or it could all be female.

All games in the 3 categories will be played for a duration of 65 minutes or 7 innings, whichever is earlier. No new inning shall start at 60 minutes. The count will begin at 1 ball & 1 strike. Only rubber studs, running shoes are allowed (no metal cleats). More detailed rules and regulations for each category can be downloaded from our website.

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