Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Arriving in Singapore - Customs Clearance Procedure

Red and Green Channels

To expedite clearance of arriving travelers, the Red and Green Channel system is operated at all entry checkpoints.

If you are arriving by car, you will see the Red and Green Channel directional signs located along the route after Immigration clearance.

Air, sea, bus/coach or rail passengers will see the Red and Green Channel signs above the Examination Counters in the Arrival Hall at the respective checkpoint. Examination Counters are manned by Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officers.

When to use the Red Channel
Red Channel

Proceed to the Red Channel if you carry:

  • Prohibited items
  • Controlled or restricted items
  • Taxable or dutiable items exceeding your GST Relief or duty-free concession
  • Items for which no GST Relief or duty-free concession is granted
At the Red Channel, please:
  • Declare verbally to the ICA officers any of the above items that you are carrying
  • Produce the prohibited or controlled items together with the import permit, if any

When to use the Green Channel
Green Channel

Proceed to the Green Channel if you do not carry any of the items stated above. However, the officers may still conduct selective checks at the Green Channel. If in doubt, always seek clearance at the Red Channel.

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