Monday, March 16, 2009

After the IT Show 2009

Before I’ll start my post let me just say WOW, what a busy and crazy four-day it has been. The turnout was better than expected and the vendors remained bullish for upcoming exhibitions.

The organizer must have been partying by now for their successful planning of one of the biggest exhibitions in Singapore and by far the largest in the exhibits history. The participating vendors are now laughing all their way to the bank which despite the economic slump, the IT Show 2009 generated a record S$58.5 million, a S$4.5 million more than last year according to a Channel News Asia report.

This event just proved that this tiny dot called is Singapore is "IT/Gadget crazy".

We decided to drop by the exhibit on the last day and it was something I have never seen. I had no intention to buy any thing since I have no budget. I just passed by to check and get a glimpse of the situation and the crowd.....

IMG_4046IMG_4047IMG_4049IMG_4050IMG_4038IMG_4040IMG_4041IMG_4042IMG_4044 are behind the scene that happened in case you did not noticed:

  • There was technology glitch. For almost an hour, electronic payments is not working as the lines went. A loss opportunity for the vendors.

  • There was a medical emergency and the ambulance cannot get thru prompting the two EMT's to walk from the crossing between Raffles and Temasek Boulevard to the Convention Center.

  • Huge crowds coming from Marina Square to Suntec via the connecting bridge were not allowed to enter via the 2nd floor entrance due to congestion, exit were only permitted.
    Instead, they were re-routed to the Lobby entrance.

  • The Citylink Mall was saturated with people going in and out of Suntec area so we avoided this route.

  • Walking via Bras Basah is the most logical way to go. The traffic jam was terrible, well for Singapore standard.

  • You can see people snaking from War Memorial Park, Beach road up to Raffles City Shopping Center.
    IMG_4105IMG_4110IMG_4112IMG_4113IMG_4123IMG_4124 IMG_4128

That concluded the IT Show 2009, see you again next year.

Next stop, PC Show 2009 this coming June.


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