Friday, April 15, 2011

Singapore Young Artist Award–Recognizing and Nurturing Young Talents

The Young Artist Award was introduced in 1992 to encourage the development of young artistic talent in Singapore. Recipients of this Award would have shown promise of artistic excellence and potential to make a distinction in our nation's arts and culture.

Recipients of the Award will receive a trophy, a certificate and a grant of up to $10,000 to undertake arts projects or studies.

All nominees must be Singapore citizens or permanent residents of Singapore, and must be 35 years or below on 31 December 2011.

Selection Criteria
The selection criteria are as follows:

  1. Candidate should be recognized for his/her artistic work and contribution to the artistic development of Singapore.
  2. Candidate should show potential to excel in his/her field of work.
  3. Candidate should demonstrate, through a body of works pursued through a number of years, creative originality and professional maturity in one or more disciplines as specified in the scope of the award.
  4. Candidate should be an inspiration and role model to other young artists in the arts community.

Assessment Procedure
The National Arts Council may, at its discretion, make additional nominations and/or defer or reject any nomination received from the public, and shall not be bound to give any reason for doing so.

The nominations supported by the National Arts Council will be submitted for further assessment to Specialist Panels, comprising persons established in the various artistic fields, appointed by the National Arts Council.  The Arts Award Ceremony will be held in November 2011.

Scope of Award
The nominees' area(s) of achievement should be in the fields of literary arts, performing arts, visual arts and film.

The scope of these art forms is as follows:

Art Form Scope (includes, but is not restricted to)
Literary Arts play, poetry, fiction and non-fiction
Performing Arts theatre, dance, music and technical theatre (e.g. set design, lighting design, sound design)
Visual Arts painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, installation and multimedia
Film film-making

How to Nominate
The nomination process involves the following steps to be taken in order for the nomination to be complete. Incomplete nomination will not be considered.

Process Action Closing Date
Step 1 Submit an online nomination here.

To facilitate the online nomination process, nominators may wish to gather information of the nominees in advance. For a list of requisite information, please click here.
26 April 2011, 6pm
Step 2 Submit portfolios and supporting documents by nominators or nominees to the National Arts Council at the following address:

Young Artist Award Nomination
National Arts Council
90 Goodman Road
Goodman Arts Centre
Blk A, #01-01
Singapore 439053

Guidance on submission of portfolios and supporting documents are available here.
6 May 2011, 6pm


For enquiries, please contact Yap Zi Wei at tel: (65) 6346 9431 or email:

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