Friday, March 4, 2011

Singaporean Bride sues Pinoy fiancé for non-appearance for their wedding in the Philippines

Map of Pangasinan showing the location of Basista

A 41-year-old heartbroken Singaporean woman filed last Valentine’s Day charges of violation of the law on violence against women and children against her Filipino boyfriend for failing to fulfill his promise to marry her.

Ho Hwee Fang, single and resident of Saint Michael’s Road, The Richmond, Singapore, filed the complaint at the Basista police station and reported that she is suffering from emotional and mental anguish because of her boyfriend, identified as Michael Valdez.

Investigators said the charges against Valdez were later filed at the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office in San Carlos City, Pangasinan.  Police investigation showed that last October, Valdez proposed to marry her and they agreed to settle down in Singapore and also in the Philippines.

Ho and Valdez agreed to get married first in the Philippines while she is preparing for their marriage in Singapore. The love struck would-be bride prepared everything for their supposed marriage last Feb. 8. She arrived in the Philippines and found that Valdez had run away and left word that he would not marry her anymore. Valdez is still missing.

As a result, the victim said she was stressed, very upset, and could not eat or sleep and didn’t know what to do. She was ashamed to face her family and friends after her boyfriend dumped her for no apparent reason.

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