Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Remaining suspect in conspiracy to cheat Standard Chartered Bank convicted to 18 months

SINGAPORE - A Filipino service engineer was sentenced yesterday to 18 months' jail for being part of a conspiracy to cheat Standard Chartered Bank of S$317,100.

Mark Robert Fajilan Landicho (picture), 28, had worked with a syndicate that illegally helped foreigners obtain unsecured credit facilities from the bank even though they were not eligible.

The group did so by forging its clients' pay slips, inflating the salaries so that their annual pay would appear to meet the bank's minimum income requirement.

According to court documents, Landicho had worked with two former employees from telemarketing company Touch & Tech to cheat the bank between July and October 2009.

One of them, 26-year-old Charon Legaspi Dimpas, a fellow Filipino, who used to be one of the firm's direct sales agents, was sentenced to 45 months' behind bars after admitting last November that she was part of the scam.

Landicho was first referred to Dimpas in June 2009 as he wanted to apply for credit facilities even though his salary did not meet the minimum requirement.

His application was approved after she doctored his pay slips.

Soon after, Landicho started to help the syndicate by advertising its illicit services on PinoySG. Landicho earned S$75 for each successful application

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