Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bridge under construction at Punggol The Waterway collapses

A partially completed bridge at the construction site collapsed under the weight of rainwater on Sunday morning as reported by reader Simon Low to ST who took and sent in a picture from his flat in Block 638b Punggol Drive.

In an email report to ST, Mr Low said “This morning, I noticed part of the bridge had collapsed due to the heavy rain.”

“I believe the bridge also acted as a dam, but the water overflowed (from the right side) the partially built bridge, and pushed the bridge away.”

“The banks of the waterway on the right side of the bridge overflowed due to this morning's heavy rain. I wonder whether it will happen again once the waterway is fully completed.”

Flooding along Airport Boulevard

Two lanes along Airport Boulevard were closed on Sunday morning due to flooding along Airport Boulevard, leaving two passable.

However, flood waters cleared by noon, and the lanes have been reopened to traffic, confirmed the police.

Flooding at the junction of Tampines Avenue 12 & 9

The junction at Tampines Avenue 12 & 9 were closed at noon on Sunday afternoon because of flooding. One lane has been reopened to traffic so far.

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