Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nine Lucky Pinoy Athletes Representing Philippines in the First Ever Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in Singapore

The Philippine Embassy is pleased to announce that nine Filipino athletes will be competing in the forthcoming Singapore Youth Olympic Games (SYOG) from 14 to 26 August 2010.


The country will be represented by:

  1. Jasmine Alkhaldi - Swimming: 50m,100m, 200m freestyle and 100m butterfly
  2. Jessie Khing Lacuna - Swimming: 100m, 200m, 400m freestyle and 200m butterfly)
  3. Michael Pate – Basketball
  4. Cris Tolomia – Basketball
  5. Bobby Ray Parks Jr. – Basketball
  6. Jeron Alvin Teng – Basketball
  7. Kirk Barboso - Taekwondo (Men under 48kg)
  8. Jeson Patrombon – Tennis
  9. Patricia Llena – Weighlifting (63kg)

Mr. Lovelino Arboleda, a Filipino from the Filipino Dragons Singapore, has been chosen as one of the 2,400 torchbearers who will carry the inaugural Youth Olympic Flame around the island of Singapore from August 7 to 14.

Below are their respective events schedules:


Venue: Singapore Sports School (01 Champions Way)

Sunday, Aug 15
9.31 AM                         400m freestyle (Men) - Preliminaries
6.32 PM                         400m freestyle (Men) - Semifinals, Finals
6.43 PM                         400m freestyle (Men) - Victory Ceremony

Monday, Aug 16
9.47 AM                         100m freestyle (Women) - Preliminaries 
10.22 AM                         200m freestyle (Men) - Preliminaries
6.41 PM                         200m freestyle (Men) - Semifinals and Finals
7.14 PM                         100m freestyle (Women) - Semifinals
7.19 PM                         200m freestyle (Men) - Victory Ceremony

Tuesday, Aug 17         
7.28 PM                         100m freestyle (Women) - Finals
7.37 PM                         100m freestyle (Women) - Victory Ceremony

Wednesday, Aug 18
10.02 AM                         200m Freestyle (Women) - Preliminaries  
7.31 PM                         200m Freestyle (Women) Semifinals and Finals\
7.58 PM                         200m Freestyle (Women) Victory Ceremony\

Thursday, Aug 19

9.31 AM                         50m Freestyle (Women) - Preliminaries
9.39 AM                         100m freestyle (Men) - Preliminaries
9.48 AM                         100m butterfly (Women) - Preliminaries
6.32 PM                         100m butterfly (Women) - Semifinals
6.39 PM                         100m freestyle (Men) - Semifinals
6.47 PM                          50m Freestyle (Women) - Semifinals

Friday, Aug 20 
10.02 AM                         200m butterfly (Men) - Preliminaries
6.32 PM                          50m Freestyle (Women) - Finals
6.40 PM                         100m butterfly (Women) - Finals
6.42 PM                          50m Freestyle (Women)  - Victory Ceremony
6.54 PM                         100m freestyle (Men) - Finals
7.08 PM                         100m butterfly (Women) - Victory Ceremony
7.20 PM                         200m butterfly (Men) - Semifinals, Finals
7.23 PM                         100m freestyle (Men) - Victory Ceremony
7.47 PM                         200m butterfly (Men) - Victory Ceremony

For a detailed schedule of the competition, please follow this link.     


Venue: *scape (2 Orchard Link)
Boys’ Preliminaries Group D Matches

Monday, Aug 16            10.30AM         Match 23: PHI vs US-ISV (US-Virgin Islands)
Tuesday, Aug 17           12.30NN         Match 47: PHI vs ESP (Spain)
Wednesday, Aug 18       12.30NN         Match 63: PHI vs CRO (Croatia)
Thursday, Aug 19          10.30AM         Match 71: PHI vs RSA (South Africa)
Saturday, Aug 21          9AM-12NN / 2PM-4PM             Quarterfinals
Sunday, Aug 22            9AM-12NN/ 2PM-4PM              Semi-finals
Monday, Aug 23       9AM-12NN / 2PM-5.30PM              Finals and Victory Ceremony

For a detailed schedule of the competition, please follow this link.        

TAEKWONDO (Men under 48kg)

Venue: International Convention Center – Suntec Hall 401 (01 Raffles Blvd, Suntec City)

Sunday, Aug 15          2.30PM             Preliminaries
                               4.00PM             Quarterfinals
                               7.00PM             Semi-finals
                               7.45PM             Finals
                               8.30PM             Victory Ceremony                        

For a detailed schedule of the competition, please follow this link.       


Venue: Kallang Tennis Centre (31 Stadium Crescent)

Sunday, Aug 15         10.30AM             Boys’ Singles First Round
Monday, Aug 16        10.00AM             Boys’ Singles First Round                 
Tuesday, Aug 17       10.00AM             Boys’ Singles Second Round
Wednesday, Aug 18   11.00AM             Boys’ Singles Quarterfinals
Thursday, Aug 19       2.30PM             Boys’ Singles Semifinals
Friday, Aug 20           2.30PM             Boys’ Singles Bronze Medal Match
Saturday, Aug 21       3.00PM     Boys’ Singles Gold Medal Match & Victory Ceremony

For a detailed schedule of the competition, please follow this link.       


Venue:  Toa Payoh Sports Hall (299 Lorong 06 Toa Payoh)

Tuesday, Aug 17,             6:00PM          (Victory ceremony follows at 7.50 PM)


For a detailed schedule of the competition, please follow this link.


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